May 9

Gold Fish 3, Beetlejuice Slots Debut at Borgata

The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa is on the cutting edge of casino play, which means we are always looking to meet the needs of our players.

For example, a lot of Borgata slots players like fish. And we don’t just mean a nice plate of seafood at Borgata’s fine dining restaurants.

No, no, we’re talking the popular Gold Fish themed slot machine on our casino floor. It’s been a long-time fave with its bonuses and features and now a new version, Gold Fish 3, is hitting the Borgata casino floor.

Goldfish and Beetlejuice Slot MachineFrom WMS slots, the Gold Fish slot returns on the new Blade™ cabinet—a new slot design that includes better HD displays, emotive lighting and an upgraded processor for game features.

The Gold Fish 3 slot is equipped with brand new bonuses and features, and for the first time ever, players will now be able to feed the fish on these high-definition screens. And check out the mystery wheel that spins for one of five unique fish bonuses.

You’ll find Gold Fish 3 in the slots area between MIXX and Gypsy Bar.

So, great for Gold Fish lovers, but we hear some of you saying “Fish are nice, but I prefer humorous 1980s horror movie slot machine themes.” (Just go with us here).

Introducing the new BEETLEJUICE slot also from WMS, which is making its exclusive world-wide debut at Borgata (really, you won’t find it anywhere else).

This slot lets you experience 1988’s classic film “Beetlejuice” like never before with an all-new, bizarre and unusual slot machine. Over-sized symbols are vibrantly displayed on these 32-inch LCD screens and can award up to a 10x multiplier when lined up.

Get three BEETLEJUICE symbols to prompt the Wheel spin, awarding one of four mini bonuses. With free spins, credit prizes and a variety of bonuses, this game gives a whole new meaning to “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.”

BEETLEJUICE can be found in slot section B, adjacent to the hotel lobby on the casino floor.

And remember, if you sign up for a My Borgata Rewards card you can not only get great rewards for slot play, you can access Borgata’s online slot finder to locate your favorite slot. Just say “Borgata, Borgata, Borgata” (and, you know, sign up for an account).

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  • I was the first person to win a jackpot of over 3,000.00 on Beetlejuice the first week it previewed. Thank you, Borgata.

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