May 12

Powerbucks Progressive Slots at Borgata

Anyone who is an aficionado of progressive slot machines and their jackpots knows one simple truth—the more players playing on the machines, the bigger the progressive jackpot.

How many times have you been playing a progressive slot machine at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa and you’ve thought to yourself, “If only we had some players from Deadwood South Dakota playing these slots, then these jackpots would get really serious?”

Well, the time has come.

Power bucksIn a first of its kind hook-up between states, Borgata has introduced “Powerbucks™” from IGT games—a progressive slots jackpot that links multiple gambling jurisdictions (in this case the states of New Jersey and South Dakota) playing for a common jackpot.

“Powerbucks” can be found on two IGT Twilight Zone themed slot machines located across from Noodles of the World next to the Wheel of Fortune Extreme Spin Duos on the Borgata Casino Floor.

The slots are connected to slots in Deadwood casinos and other New Jersey casinos and offer the casino industry’s first-ever commercial inter-jurisdictional Wide Area Progressive Slots. Plans also call for a future link-up with participating Nevada properties per regulatory approval.

While certainly a different game, it’s the same principal as multi-state lotteries such as Powerball and Mega Millions as players across the country vie for the same jackpots.

Just another first for Borgata.

“Powerbucks” is essentially an add-on to your favorite slots form IGT. The addition of “Powerbucks” doesn’t change basic game play, but “Powerbucks” does allow for jackpot wins at any bet level.

On the casino floor, look for the giant digital “Powerbucks” game topper to identify a game that is part of the “Powerbucks” game family.

IGT “Powerbucks” will deliver $1 million minimum jackpot payouts – more frequently than any other progressive jackpot!

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