May 13

How to Eat Healthy when you’re on Vacation!

Packing for a vacation creates all kinds of possibility. There’s the excitement of visiting somewhere different and the anticipation of whatever fun activities lay ahead. And who doesn’t love falling asleep under crisp hotel sheets and fluffy pillows?

Unfortunately, one thing that’s difficult for many is making healthy eating choices while traveling. At Borgata in Atlantic City, we take dining seriously, whether you’re starting your day with a hearty breakfast, grabbing a light mid-day snack or celebrating a big win with friends. With carefully curated menus, our chefs offer multiple ways to enjoy a delicious meal that won’t inflate your waistline.

While visiting Borgata, or any vacation where you’re not in charge of cooking, follow these quick tips to keep you from rolling the dice when you step back on the scale.

1) Don’t skip breakfast.

Beware skipping breakfast if you think one fewer meal will keep your calorie count down for the day. In fact, most people will actually eat more calories throughout the rest of the day to make up for their extra hunger. Get your day off to a healthy start with a fresh pastry, gourmet coffee or espresso at Bread + Butter.

2)    “Fuel up,” don’t “fill up.”

When something looks and smells delicious, it can be a challenge to eat slowly — but it’s not only better for digestion, eating slowly also benefits your waistline. Soak up the heat in the Sunroom and allow yourself to slow down from the fast pace of daily life. Renowned chef Geoffrey Zakarian (judge of the Food Network’s “Chopped”) created the menu which includes Iberico ham salad with grilled peaches, smoked salmon pizzette, and more. Trust us, your taste buds and your belt will thank you.

3) Go green.

saladThe more colorful your plate, the more healthy for your body. Choose from the many in-season fruits that our chef adds to the buffet or try a salad packed with fresh ingredients from The Metropolitan. Customize everything at the Cafeteria’s Lettuce Head where you can “make your own salad” or make your healthy wrap even healthier with olive oil and vinegar instead of a heavier dressing. And during dinner, don’t forget to add a side of veggies listed on the menus of virtually all our casual and fine dining options at Borgata.


4)    Something’s fishy.
salmonYou’re at the shore, so there’s no shortage of fresh seafood on the menus at Borgata’s restaurants and seafood is stocked with powerful Omega 3s. You know what Bobby Flay Steak is famous for, but don’t overlook those hearty oysters, which are brought in daily. More seafood entrees are available at Wolfgang Puck American Grille like the Steamed Atlantic Salmon and Pan-Roasted Swordfish. Even our Italian flagship Fornelletto offers lighter options from the sea, including Mussels and Pan-Roasted Scallops.

5)    Pass the dessert.

One of the hardest parts about dining out is passing on the dessert. You don’t have to! Look for a fruit-based option or offer to split a dessert with another guest. Eating healthily while on vacation shouldn’t be about denying yourself, rather about making smart decisions.

Gluten free? Borgata’s got your back as every fine dining restaurant has a gluten free menu. Food allergy sufferers often faced major challenges when eating out, but Borgata chefs won’t make you compromise. Check out our extensive gluten-free menus at The Metropolitan and Old Homestead Steakhouse.

Dining out in a restaurant is a special occasion, and chefs at Borgata are focused on ensuring that you have a variety of menu options that offer flavor and health benefits. By following these simple health tips while dining out, you can help make sure that you only come home with a suitcase packed with dirty laundry, and not a few extra pounds packed around your middle.

Happy dining!

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