Jun 13

Back to Back Bad Beat Jackpot Hits at Borgata

You many have heard that the winner of Event 1 of the 2014 Borgata Summer Poker Open will take home just north of $100,000.

For the Borgata Poker Room, that kind of money is all in a day’s work … Or make that two days.

This past Wednesday and Thursday, the Borgata Poker Room saw two Borgata Bad Beat Jackpot hits that together came in at just south of $100,000.

The first hit came June 11 at 12:30pm as the Borgata Bad Beat Frenzy hit yet again for $50,000. The hit came on a 3/6 Hold’em table when Thelma Young’s Aces full of Jacks lost to Frank Ciulla’s four jacks.

Under the Bad Beat Frenzy rules, which lower the minimum for a bad beat hit, Young pocketed $20,002 and Ciulla took home $10,000, five other players at the table won $3,333.

The Bad Beat Frenzy requires the Small Bad Beat Jackpot to reach $50,000 before minimum hands start being lowered, but before that could happen, a perfectly normal Small Bad Beat Jackpot hit came on Thursday June 12 with the jackpot at $47,867.

Michael Petrick saw his quad eights go down to Renny Bruce McElroy’s Queen-high straight flush. Petrcik wins $19,150 and McElroy, the hand winner—who made his straight flush on the turn—takes home $9,573. Eight other players at the table won $2,393 each.

The Borgata Bad Beat Jackpot has now hit 13 times in 2014, aided by the Bad Beat Jackpot Frenzy, and has paid out $1.35 million.

Just part of the many ways to win at Borgata.

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