Jun 23

Wayans Brothers Live Heats Up Borgata in July

When it comes to great entertainment families, it’s usually pretty easy to figure out who is the dominant player in the mix.

For example:

Who’s your favorite Jackson brother? Michael.

Who’s your favorite Marx Brother? Groucho.

Who’s your favorite Kardashian? (For the sake of argument, let’s call them an entertainment family) Anyway, it’s Kim.

Who’s your favorite Wayans Brother?   … Hmmmm. Not so easy.

Come July 20 at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, you won’t have to choose as the Wayans Brothers Live appear at the Borgata Event Center. That’s Keenan, Marlon, Shawn and Damon all on the same stage in what is described as a hybrid stand-up/sketch comedy show. Make that a hilarious stand-up/sketch show.

The Wayans FamilyOf course the Wayans brothers first appeared on America’s radar in the 1990s with the TV show In Living Color, created by Damon Wayans and Keenan Wayans. The show revolutionized sketch comedy on TV and launched the careers of the likes of Jim Carrey and Jaimie Fox. But, most notably it featured Wayans family members—lots of Wayans family members including Shawn, Marlon, Dwayne and sister Kim Wayans.

It was just the start.

Keenan Wayans has gone on to star in TV shows, movies and directed his brothers Shawn and Marlon in Scary Movie. But he’s also a stand-up comedian, though brothers Damon and Shawn’s stand-up acts may be better known.

“It’s going to be a combination of sketch and stand-up,” Keenan Wayans told the Denver Post about the family’s tour. “I do stand-up all the time. I never stopped, I just have never done a special and I’ve never gone out on the road. It’s not how I’ve made a living so I’ve never really had to do it, but my stand-up is my foundation. And it’s funny—every project I do, I get more into stand-up because it just puts you in touch with your funny.”

With his brothers, the stand-up pedigree is even more solid. Damon Wayans has been a stand-up since 1982, though he’s best known for his roles in films such as Major Payne and his TV show My Wife and Kids.

Marlon and Shawn Wayans are known for their Scary Movie combo as well as 2004’s White Chicks, but both have strong stand-up resumes as well.

And then there’s Tito. Wait, wrong family.

Anyway, the chance to see four Wayans brothers on stage performing together is more than just a chance to relive In Living Color’s glory days. It’s a chance at the funniest night you’ll have all summer—only at Borgata.

For ticket information, click here.

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