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Learn to Cook From Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian July 19 in the Savor Borgata Culinary Series

Geoffrey ZakarianIn the culinary world, few chefs need less of an introduction than Geoffrey Zakarian.

He’s an Iron Chef, a TV star, an author and an executive chef at several restaurants around the country in New York, Miami and most importantly at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa.

You may know Chef Zakarian from his work on the Food Network shows “Chopped“, “The Next Iron Chef”, “Super Chefs“(which he won) and “The Best Thing I Ever Ate“, to name just a few of his shows. But we here at Borgata know him as the Culinary Lifestyle Consultant for Borgata’s signature hotel, The Water Club.

Yes, chefs like Zakarian get cool titles and you can usually check out his modern American cuisine by staying at The Water Club and ordering from the in-house menu or visiting The Water Club’s lobby lounge Sunroom.

Or, you can take a cooking class headed by the master himself. On Saturday, July 19, Zakarian will present a culinary demonstration presenting some of his favorite recipes as part of the Savor Borgata Culinary Series. Zakarian promises a lot of tips and instruction on techniques to help turn your kitchen into a four-star restaurant (Ok, that’s a little much, but you’ll learn a lot of cool cooking stuff, promise).

Town and Country CookbookThe 3pm demonstration is followed by a 4:30pm book signing of Chef Zakarian’s cookbook “Geoffrey Zakarian’s Town/Country” at 28 West. The book features 150 recipes for family, friends and “Life Around the Table.” And was named by the New York Times as one of the best cookbooks of 2006.

Through the culinary demonstration and “Town/Country” you’ll see Zakarian’s passion for creating “paramount hospitality experiences” as he travels the world and seeks out new restaurants and dining experiences.

As Chef Zakarian explains on his website:

“Food goes through similar style trends and redefinitions as fashion. You need to know that landscape to understand how to achieve something timeless.”

He credits his long career to a quest for timelessness and an enduring love of restaurants.

“I still dream of a small restaurant I visited in Provence decades ago that taught me the balance of simple flavors and the art of heartfelt hospitality,” he says. “Still today, I dine out all the time, first because I love it, but secondly because, as a chef, you need to see restaurants from the dining room perspective, not just from the kitchen. You have to be vigilant about every facet of the meal.”

With a more than a 20-year career that spans his start at La Cirque in New York to London, Nice and Lyon, France back to New York and Miami and then to Atlantic City, Zakarian has made dining and hospitality an art—one he’s ready to share with you.

Tickets for the Geoffrey Zakarian Savor Borgata Culinary Series demonstration are $25 and available here.

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