Aug 11

Get ready to pass Go in Monopoly Dream Life

Monopoly Dream LifeGet ready to pass Go in Monopoly Dream Life by IGT,’s latest addition to our online slot game suite. Monopoly Dream Life is a hugely popular online slot with a modern twist on the classic board game that’s been around for generations.

Forget that colorful Monopoly money that isn’t worth anything in the real world. Buying and selling property in Monopoly Dream Life could lead to a real cash payday when you play for real money at

The game is super-easy to play. There are 20 paylines and a huge variety of symbols. Symbols of the game include the mustache sporting Monopoly man himself, the monopoly hat, dog, ship, car and the bonus symbol.  Your goal is to place your bet, spin the reels, and wait for the game to come to a stop.

While some of our slots offer variable paylines (meaning you can select between one payline and the max) Monopoly Dream Life is fixed, so you get to play all 20 paylines at once. Feel free to adjust your bet using the arrows on the Line Bet tab, located on the bottom bar.  You’ll get paid out if your symbols match up on any of the 20 paylines.

Monopoly Dream Life is extra special thanks to three bonuses designed to reward you more often.

Stacked Wild Bonus

With stacked wilds, you can win with a wild symbol on multiple parts of the reel. So, if you get four different symbols plus a wild symbol, you can up your payout because the wild symbol subs in to make the payout more lucrative.

Dream Life Bonus

The property cards take on a new twist in Monopoly Dream Life. In this bonus round, you’re invited to flip over cards to reveal a prize. Your goal is to collect four, but you have a chance to discard up to two cards along the way. The total of the numbers printed on the four property cards determines the number of free spins you’ll earn. Remember, free spins are played using the house’s money, so you’ve got the chance to win without spending a dime.

Free Fall Symbol Bonus

This one is pretty cool. When activated, symbols will drop from the top of the screen after a spin and fill any empty spaces on the board. That gives you more chances to win when you least expect to.

Monopoly Dream Life is now available to play for real money at Feel free to try it for free first to get a hang of the game.

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