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28 West and Samuel Adams Present Beer and Bites August 16

Samuel Adams was an American patriot and founding father known for his part in organizing the Boston Tea Party in which American revolutionaries dumped tons of British tea into Boston Harbor and replaced it with Summer Ale and Boston Lager. Then, a great time was had by all.

Ha, ha. Just a little humor at the Borgata Blog. Really, they replaced it with Samuel Adams new Rebel IPA craft beer.

Kidding again, there was no beer at the Boston Tea Party (well, at least none anyone will admit to), but Samuel Adams was the inspiration for Samuel Adams Brewery, which has quickly become one of the most successful craft beer brewers in the U.S.

And Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa is hooking up with Samuel Adams Brewery at 28 West this Saturday, August 16 for a special Beer and Bites tasting event.

Ok, that may have been a long way to go to highlight another great Borgata food and beer pairings event, but Samuel Adams connection to history just brings it out of us.

In 1984, Jim Koch actually revived a 150-year-old family tradition when he founded Samuel Adams Brewery—in part choosing the name because the Samuel Adams had actually been a brewer himself.

But this new Samuel Adams Brewery was also as revolutionary as its namesake by re-introducing craft beers—code for beers that have a lot of actual flavor—back into the U.S market place.

Up until then, American’s love for pale lagers gave us a lot of choices of mass-produced beers that went well with a cheeseburger, but for a true matching of beer and fine dining, there wasn’t much for Americans to choose from.

Samuel Adams fixed all that and allowed for some tasty options such as those that will be offered at the 28 West event.

Just check this menu out.

Samuel Adams Whitewater IPA (India Pale Ale) served with yellow beet salad, cherry compote and fried goat cheese.Beer

Samuel Adams White Lantern served with little neck clams, fennel & orange and grilled sourdough bread.

Samuel Adams Irish Red served with mesquite grilled skirt steak and crispy potato cake.

This menu is especially appropriate because right after the Boston Tea Party, the patriots had fried goat cheese sandwiches on sourdough bread with fennel & orange.

Ha, ha, just kidding again. They probably had cheeseburgers.

If only they could have experienced a true 28 West wine and beer pairing event at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa like we lucky patriots can. And you don’t even have to lift up any heavy crates of tea.

Tickets for the event are $39 and are available here.

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