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Joel McHale at the Borgata Music Box September 13

Joel McHaleIt’s become pretty apparent over the last decade or so that comedian Joel McHale cannot be stopped.

The star of both E’s “The Soup” and the now Yahoo online series “Community“, as well as the upcoming film “Merry Firggin Christmas” (featuring Robin Williams in one of his last roles), brings his stand-up act to Borgata’s Music Box for two shows on September 13 at 7pm and 10 pm.

And you can expect the same irreverent humor that made something out of nothing on “The Soup” and has helped “Community” fend off cancellation about 37 times. It’s also what propelled McHale to host this year’s White House Correspondent’s Ball in May in front of President and Mrs. Obama.

“When ‘The Soup’ started, no one watched it and we were just entertaining ourselves,” McHale recently told the Huffington Post. “I have kind of kept that mantra with me. Obviously I was feeling a tremendous amount of pressure and was deeply concerned about whether the jokes were quality.”

No one may have watched “The Soup” at first, but this year the show scored an Emmy nomination for a brilliant satire of HBO’s “True Detective.

“We see it like making a very fine Persian rug,” McHale recently said of his signature show. “It takes forever to make them, it’s a labor of love and eventually you’ll be recognized for it. But by that point, your fingers have just been gnarled to the bone!”

It’s been like that for “Community” as well, which always seemed to be on the brink of cancellation and finally was cancelled by NBC. In stepped Yahoo, ordering a 13-episode web season. It’s a move seen to be in line with the show’s young audience, which largely watched the show on the internet anyway.

“We can swear now, and a lot of nudity,” McHale recently joked at Comic Con.

Add in McHale’s movie work, everything from the horror flick “Deliver Us From Evil” to the upcoming “Merry Friggin Christmas“, McHale may be the hardest working guy in comedy.

“As Harrison Ford always said, the only reason he’s successful is because he hung in there longer than everybody else,” McHale told the Huffington Post. “To which I’m like, ehhh. That’s probably 20 percent true. The other part is that you’re a really good actor, wildly good looking and part of the biggest movie franchise in the history of the world. So that helps. A lot.”

“And then you realize, people are still paying me to do things and I get to have fun,” he says. “I’m blessed that I have a career that I love. I love acting. I love hosting. And I skip to work.”

Watch McHale skip into the Music Box September 13. Tickets are $55 and $65. Tickets for the 7pm show are available here and the 10 pm show here.

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