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Oct 24

5 Burgers You Have To Try At Borgata


There are few things in the American culinary palate as time honored and cherished as ground beef sandwiches served in endless varieties.

In other words, Americans really love hamburgers!

We make them in our kitchens and at cookouts and we go out to eat them or just grab a sack on the way home from work. And we eat hamburgers a lot. It’s estimated that the average American eats three hamburgers a week and as a country, we consume 50 billion hamburgers a year. That’s billion, with a “B.”

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Oct 19

Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian Shares His Tuna Tartare Recipe With You

gz-tunaWhen it comes to regional delicacies, few staples are as universal as the serving of fish and meats in an uncooked state.

And yes, we do mean delicacies, such as sushi, sashimi and the many variations of steak tartare. The use of raw protein ensures a freshness and taste that can easily be lost on the grill.

The traditional steak tartare is a French specialty that was originally served with tartare sauce in the 19th century, but has undergone a lot of regional changes – mostly involving the use of herbs and spices. Sushi and sashimi are Japanese delicacies that feature raw fish that exploded on the American scene in the 1980’s.

Much like eating your first raw oyster, fans of tartare and sushi took a bit of a plunge their first time (though these preparations are perfectly safe), but found gastronomic delights that can make you regret every time you’ve ever ordered something well done…

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Oct 7

Metro’s Fall Inspired Menu Is Pumpkin Lovers Dream



October is here and in the US that means only one thing – its pumpkin time. Throughout the fall and holiday season, pumpkins will be everywhere. They’ll be on porches, carved into jack-o-lanterns and baked into holiday pies.

That’s just scratching the surface as pumpkin spice and pumpkin flavors will abound in everything from pastries to fancy coffee drinks. And there will be no better place to take advantage of this pumpkin frenzy than at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa’s The Metropolitan which will present a special pumpkin inspired menu through October.

We call it the Pumpkin Patch and it takes advantage of the incredible versatility of pumpkins. You might not know this, but the pumpkin you carve into a jack o’lantern isn’t the same type of pumpkin you bake into a pie.  There are actually more than 40 different varieties of pumpkins out there and while some are best used for scary Halloween decorations and fall displays, others are just right for cooking…

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Sep 27

Try this Tableside Cocktail with a “Twist” at Izakaya


twist-cocktail-at-izakayaJapan has an interesting ability to take many of the best spirits in the world, from whiskey to beer, and make them their own. It’s an ability that’s not lost on the mixologists at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa’s first class Japanese restaurant Izakaya.

Izakaya already offers a wonderful selection of Japanese beers and whiskeys, including whiskeys from Japan’s premier distiller, Suntory.

But while you’ve probably heard of Japanese whiskey, there’s a new type of Japanese spirit that’s starting to sweep the country – Japanese vodka.

Yes, vodka…

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Sep 6

How-to with Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian: The London Refresher Cocktail

London Refresher (GZ)

London Refresher (GZ)There are a lot of skills that go into bartending and creating the perfect cocktail. There’s mixing, stirring, squeezing (as in lemons etc.) shaking, blending and a host of other ways of bringing together all of the flavors in a cocktail.

But one of the all-time best has to be muddling, such as we see in today’s cocktail recipe from The Water Club’s Culinary Lifestyle Consultant and Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian.

It’s called the London Refresher, and it calls for muddling. That’s muddling, not muggling, which comes from that other English import Harry Potter.

No, muddling, to be precise, is to mix together, especially confusedly. In this recipe, you get to muddle away on key ingredients before adding the liquor – gin, of course, it is the London Refresher. In this case, you’ll need a muddling stick (really, it’s a bartender tool, much like a pestle). Then you just muddle up the ingredients and add the gin.

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Aug 22

Borgata Chef Wolfgang Puck to Receive Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame


WPAG DemoAs the old Kinks song says, “You can see all the stars as you walk down Hollywood Boulevard.”

We’re talking about the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, of course, where the names of stars of radio, film, TV and every other kind of entertainment medium you can think of are emblazoned on Hollywood Boulevard’s sidewalk.

One form of entertainment, however, – that of the Celebrity Chef – is pretty new to the Walk of Fame, so it gives us great delight to announce that Borgata Chef Wolfgang Puck has been named as a recipient of a star on the Walk of Fame for 2017…

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Aug 2

Learning Oysters with Chef Dakota Curran at Borgata’s Metropolitan Oyster Bar

Metro OystersThere’s one sure way to ruin the day of Chef Dakota Curran at The Metropolitan, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa’s casual dining European Bistro and Oyster Bar.

And that’s by simply ordering a plate of The Metropolitan’s delectable oyster choices and then … splashing them with lemon juice and cocktail sauce like they were some sort of clam on the half shell.

“That upsets me so much, “Curran says, shaking his head. “When you come in and put cocktail sauce and lemon on them, then that’s really all you can taste. Oysters have very distinct, meaty flavors. But you could take six different varieties and put the cocktail sauce on them – and if I couldn’t see the shells – even I couldn’t really tell them apart. That’s all you taste. We try to come up with something for each variety, a special way of serving them that suits their unique flavor.

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Jul 22

Introducing the Mexican Fiesta Meal at Borgata’s Metropolitan


Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa’s Metropolitan, one of our original casual dining bistros, isn’t the type of establishment that fits into a nice little restaurant genre.

It has the ambiance of a European bistro, serves contemporary and classic American dishes and has the best oyster bar you’ll find anywhere in Atlantic City.

So obviously, as you’d expect after reading that description, on Sunday evenings (after 3pm) The Metropolitan offers up a full-on Mexican Fiesta.

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Jul 4

Raising the Steaks at Borgata

BobbyFlaySteakIs there anything more American – and more summer appropriate – than a nice steak dinner? Americans have had a love affair with steak ever since cowboys ran herds of cattle across the prairies to places like Kansas City and St, Louis.

Or at least we’ve had the love affair with beef ever since people started watching movies about cowboys running cattle across the prairies with guys like John Wayne yelling things like “We’re burning daylight.”

We know a lot goes into getting us a prime cut or steak on our tables. And at Borgata, we understand steak like no other place on the East Coast.

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Jun 14

Bobby Flay Steak: Bobby Flay’s Only Steak Restaurant

Steak at Bobby Flay Steak

Steak at Bobby Flay SteakSince opening in summer 2006 we have served over 420,000 filet mignons, with medium being the most popular temperature. Over 46,000 orders of whole fresh lobster have been sold since opening and our most popular side is roasted asparagus with over 170,000 orders sold since opening as well. We have served over a million customers so far and still going.

One of our most popular dishes is Bobby’s version of the Philly Cheesesteak:

Serves: 4

Spice Rub 2 tablespoons ancho chile powder 2 teaspoons Spanish paprika 2 teaspoons ground cumin 2 teaspoons ground coriander 2 teaspoons dry mustard 2 teaspoons dry oregano 1 teaspoon kosher salt 1 teaspoon ground black pepper

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