Jul 8

Borgata’s July Spa Special Goes Super … Super Fruit That Is

FacialMost fruits are good. Some are very good and some … well, they are simply super.

Yes, nutritionists and doctors will tell you that not all fruit is created equal. Certain fruits are so chocked full of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and other nutrients that they can help you live longer, look better and even prevent disease.

And they’ve been dubbed the super fruits.

These special fruits boost immune systems and energy and many have a profound effect on the skin and counter the effects of aging.

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Jun 2

The Barbershop at Borgata: A Guys Kind of Place

Barber shopThere was a time, back in the day, when a man’s trip to the barbershop was a uniquely male experience.

Long before men decided to just go to the Hair Barn or wherever to get “styled”, an afternoon in a barbershop was an experience. Picture it. You’ve just been browsing at the hardware store or picking up some oil and spark plugs and you spot that barber’s pole.

Inside there are comfortable chairs, straight razor shaves and combs in those jars with the blue liquid nobody can identify, but smells real nice. You sit down, talk some sports with the barber and get an actual man’s haircut and a close shave.  When you leave, well, let’s just say you get some looks.

Those were the days.

Of course at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, those days have never left at, wait for it, The Barbershop, one of the many spa services on property.

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May 23

Borgata’s Spas Complete Your Stay

Spa Toccare Massage TableDid you ever think about Borgata’s full name, the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa?

Sure, Borgata casino is No. 1 in Atlantic City as are our great hotel rooms at the Borgata and The Water Club. But so many things could have filled in that last spot after “&.”

We could be Borgata Hotel Casino & Cool Restaurants, many run by world-famous celebrity chefs. Or maybe Borgata Hotel Casino & Great Nightlife at our hot nightclubs MIXX and mur.mur plus all the other great Borgata venues such as Gypsy bar.

Then again, it could be Borgata Hotel Casino & Event Center where the best entertainment acts in Atlantic City play.

No, we went with Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa.

And it’s no wonder.  With Spa Toccare and the Immersion Spa on property, no stay at Borgata is complete without a little decompression time and some first class pampering.

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May 5

Give Mom the Perfect Day at Spa Toccare

mom-spa-generic_revisedLet’s face it, everybody’s Mom could use a little pampering. You know, a nice day out at the spa filled with relaxation and treatments designed to relive the tensions of, well, raising and taking care of us.

With Mother’s Day on May 11 and fast approaching, Spa Toccare at the Borgata Casino Hotel & Spa—see spa is even in our name—has the perfect spa packages to help Mom get the pampering she deserves.

And that wasn’t lost on the folks at Philadelphia Style Magazine which named the May (and June as well) specials at Spa Toccare one of “5 Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Mom.”

Specifically, the magazine named all Spa Toccare treatments as the perfect gift for the “Do it All” Mom, but singled out the special hydrating and exfoliating treatment of the Go Coconuts for Massage special.

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Mar 11

What’s in the forecast? Relaxation for two.

Couple Relaxing

Unless you’re a TV weather person, you’re probably O-V-E-R this winter. If ignorance is bliss, we stopped counting snow totals three storms ago. Let’s all agree that it’s time for a “Brrr” break… Here’s the good news — Spring will arrive; and the better news — there’s nothing wrong with pretending like it’s already here…

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Mar 6

Spa Toccare’s $1 Million Makeover

Spa Toccare Massage Table

Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa is Atlantic City’s leader in casino action as well as fine dining—by celebrity chefs such as Bobby Flay and Wolfgang Puck—and all while offering the most luxurious suites and best room deals in the area. But hey, don’t forget the Spas. There’s a reason, after all, why we include Spa…

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