May 23 High Heads Up Tournament Leaderboard Final Standings (May 2 – 20)

Players earned Heads Up Tournament Leaderboard Points for participating in qualifying heads up tournaments on High Heads Up Leaderboard: Qualify May 2 – 20, 2016 Play in any $20, $50, $100, $200 or $500 buy-in qualifying Heads Up tournament on and earn valuable Heads Up Tournament Leaderboard points Every Heads Up online tournament entry…

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May 13

Prize Alert: Heads Up Tournament Leaderboard Ends May 20th

borgatapoker-203x185If you love staring down your opponent in Heads Up Sit and Go tournaments, you could come face to face with a piece of $2,500 in prizes.

With a week left to earn Heads Up Leaderboard points, it’s time to get down to business at

You’ll find two Heads Up Leaderboards at — one for Low Heads Up players with $500 in prizes and one for High Heads Up players with $2,000 in prizes.

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May 12

Vegas is Calling. Answer it at

borgatapoker-203x185Vegas in the summer is hot — and we’re not talking about the desert heat that easily reaches 110 degrees Fahrenheit (but don’t worry, it’s a dry heat). We’re talking about the action on the tournament floor of the world’s richest poker tournament, unfolding in the heart of Sin City.

But you can get there through the comforts of any place you call home – as long as you are physically in New Jersey.  You can win your way to Las Vegas for the Main Event right here in the Garden State.  At, we’ve got online satellites that lead to Las Vegas. In just three steps, you could find yourself playing against thousands for a multi-million-dollar prize pool and that coveted gold bracelet.

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May 2 Online Poker Tournament Leaderboard Standings (April ’16 Final)

Players earned Tournament Leaderboard Points for participating in qualifying online tournaments during the month of April and earned Tournament Leaderboard Bonus Points based on cash placed finished, buy-in amount and total number of tournament entries. Congratulations! The top 30 place finishers won monthly leaderboard prizes, and the top 500 place finishers for the April 2016 Tournament…

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Apr 27 Delivers on Commitment to Poker

borgatapoker-203x185There’s new online poker competition in New Jersey, but one of the most respected poker rooms around is proving to be more of an attraction than ever for serious grinders.

With the emergence of PokerStars in the Garden State just a few weeks ago, some publications have argued that the best value is over at the new site, and that is losing ground.

But with a healthy mix of player-pleasing poker tournaments, satellites to the best land-based poker tournaments, and opportunities to win a piece of millions in prize money, that couldn’t be further from the truth. And the numbers presented haven’t told the whole story.

One re-entry means a smaller field
On Sunday, April 24th,’s $50K Sunday Major beat its guarantee, seeing a final prize pool of $54,800. PokerStars also exceeded its guarantee.  Good news for online poker players in New Jersey!

Fans of re-entry tournaments have their choice to play in either a tournament limited to one re-entry, a tournament with unlimited re-entries, or both.  Currently, caps re-entries at one, while the other sites are offering unlimited re-entries within the late registration period.

A bigger nightly $10K at
Also following the one re-entry format is the nightly $10K GTD.  On Sunday night, 144 entries fueled the prize pool to $14,400.  And here’s the most interesting part. The tournament actually beat PokerStars’ 7pm $10K tournament, which attracted 127 entries.

But it’s not just about weekly Majors and nightly events. It’s about the bigger picture — one that includes the opportunity to win your way to major land-based events around the world.

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Apr 19

Rise and Shine, Poker Players!

Matt StoutThe World Series of Poker recently announced that many bracelet events this summer in Las Vegas will start at 11am rather than the usual noon start time. I expected to hear complaints from poker players, pros especially, when this change was announced but I couldn’t have predicted just how much backlash there would be from the poker community.

I personally would prefer to keep the noon start times, but as with any change that impacts many people it’s important to look at the overall effect(s) of the change rather than one’s personal preference. I believe it’s a bit short-sighted to complain about the change in start times in much the same way that it’s short-sighted to complain about the slower pace of play, bright lights, showing your cards to the camera/RFID reader, and other annoyances associated with being on a streamed or televised table. When you look at the big picture, tournament poker has flourished in the past 13 years mainly due to televised poker bringing in masses of people who watched poker on TV, especially the WSOP and WPT.

When it comes to the 11am start times, I think it’s important to consider which demographics are more likely to prefer which start time. I can tell you from many years of experience playing Borgata tournaments, which typically start at 11am, that recreational players tend to be on time much more frequently than pros and they don’t seem to mind the earlier start time. The earlier start time at WSOP is accompanied by an earlier bagging time, which is a big consideration for recreational players who aren’t used to being up until 2am, much less playing high stakes tournaments at that hour. I think Borgata has been getting this right all along and I’m glad the WSOP has caught up from a “good of the game” perspective.

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Apr 6

Borgata Spring Poker Open April 12 – April 29

Spring Poker OpenAs the seasons change in the Borgata Poker Room so do our seasonal Borgata Poker Opens. Put more simply, it’s April and time for Borgata’s Spring Poker Open.

We start with an Event 1 qualifier on April 11 and then the Borgata Spring Poker Open April 12 to April 29.  That’s 19 main events and 39 total events counting evening events and qualifiers.

Highlights include:

Borgata $1 Million Guaranteed Live streamed Kickoff Event

Tuesday, April 12 – Saturday, April 16

Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em Re-Entry

$500 Buy-in + $60 Entry

Almighty $500,000 Guaranteed Live streamed Event

Wednesday, April 20 – Saturday, April 23

Almighty Stack No Limit Hold’em Re-Entry

$400 Buy-In + $50 Entry

Borgata $1 Million Guaranteed Borgata Championship Live Streamed

Sunday, April 24 – Thursday, April 28

$2,500 Buy-In + $200 Entry

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Apr 4 Online Poker Tournament Leaderboard Standings (March ’16 Final)

Players earned Tournament Leaderboard Points for participating in qualifying online tournaments during the month of March and earned Tournament Leaderboard Bonus Points based on cash placed finished, buy-in amount and total number of tournament entries. Congratulations! The top 30 place finishers won monthly leaderboard prizes, and the top 500 place finishers for the March 2016 Tournament…

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Mar 31

Tips for the Traveling Poker Player

Asher Conniff I’ve spent the entire past year on the road, traveling to different tournament stops around the country, and sometimes around the world. In a sense, I understand that I’m living many poker players dreams, because this was stuff I used to dream about a few years ago. I could wax poetic all day about it, but I figured I would spend some time breaking down the practical side of things for a traveling poker player.  During the past year, I’ve learned a lot about the smartest ways to travel, so here are some tips for you grinders thinking about hitting the road sometime soon:

Find a friend (or friends!)

The biggest problem with traveling to play poker is expenses.  Simply put, it is hard to be good enough to warrant all the expenses needed to travel playing poker.  The simplest, most effective way to combat this is to find ways to split your expenses. Traveling with friends, or meeting friends at events, is the simple answer.

Think Airbnb

Going from hotel to hotel can become a nightmare on a few different levels.  It’s very easy to rarely see the light of day, often going from hotel room to poker room day after day.  Hotel rooms tend to be one single room, which over time can leave you feeling cramped and/or miserable. I strongly suggest looking into Airbnb for short term rentals when traveling somewhere you feel compelled to see the sights.  If you are going to the random tournament circuit in Indiana or Delaware, sure, hit the hotel for cheap. But strongly consider an Airbnb in places like Florida, California and Europe!

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Mar 29

How to Succeed in New Jersey’s Regulated Poker Market

Daniel Buzgon is on an absolute tear. On March 16th, the online poker player who goes by the name leinad on notched a $4,455 win after finishing second in the Mega Tuesday 500. That same day, he cashed in the Daily $10K for nearly $300.

The big wins come on the heels of a string of GSSS IV victories.’s Garden State Super Series featured over $1 million in prize money and Buzgon won a nice piece of it by final tabling and cashing in a number of tournaments.

His initial first place finish came in GSSS #12, a $20,000 guaranteed NLH tournament that saw a final prize pool of $32,000. Buzgon earned $7,680. On March 4th, Buzgon topped a large field in GSSS #18 to secure the first place prize of $1,759.51. His first place wins were complemented by a number of final table appearances throughout the series. Overall, Buzgon cashed in 11 GSSS events, storming through non GSSS events throughout the series as well.

Since starting his career at, Buzgon has racked up $162,697 at the New Jersey online poker site alone. His lifetime tournament winnings top $2.4 million at a number of international online poker sites, but today he runs his poker career from New Jersey. And for good reason.

“There is no question about it, has the biggest tournaments and the most cash games,” notes Buzgon. “On top of that, they offer great deposit and reload bonuses and run rewarding promotions for both cash game and tournament players. I do play on the other sites but not nearly as much as I do on Borgata.”

Buzgon’s dedication to Borgata translates to the live world, too.

“The other casinos in Atlantic City just do not make poker a priority and it shows. They know they cannot compete with Borgata so they do not even try anymore.”

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