Mar 9

Smoothustler’s latest GSSS $100K Win Just Another Notch on Victory Belt

GSSS 2016The big story over the weekend was GSSS #30, the $100,000 Guaranteed tournament that saw a final prize pool of $110,600, fueled by 553 entries.

The title of the No Limit Hold’em tourney went to online poker player smoothustler, who won $19,100.62 for his first place victory. And while definitely a big deal, even more impressive is the fact that smoothustler is somewhat of a Garden State Super Series juggernaut.

Since March 2nd, smoothustler has cashed in eight Garden State Super Series events, final tabling six of them. And it’s not just Texas Hold’em that the New Jersey online poker player has proven to be a pro at. In addition to NHL, he’s crushed PLO and 7Stud events, earning over $23,000 in winnings so far.

This isn’t the first Garden State Super Series that smoothustler has done exceptionally well in. Last October, he won over $5,000 in two GSSS III events.

Instead of watching smoothustler conquer more GSSS IV tourneys this week, jump in and stop him in his tracks. There’s lots more on the schedule as Garden State Super Series continues through Sunday, March 13th.

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Mar 7

Daily Online Schedule Grows With Additional Guaranteed Tournaments

borgatapoker-203x185The spotlight might be on GSSS IV for the next week, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about players who crave small stakes action.

On top of the big guarantees in GSSS IV, our tourney schedule puts tens of thousands in prize money on the table every day — including over $25,000 Monday through Saturday and over $75,000 every Sunday.

Today, it gets even bigger with a series of brand new tournaments for players of all stake levels. Whether you’ve got a dollar to burn or a loaded bankroll to do damage with, you’ll find several tournaments worth playing in:

$35 Buy-in

Fri/Sat/Sun at 10:30am: Deepstack NLH ($500 Guaranteed)

Daily at 12pm: Deepstack NLH ($750 Guaranteed)

Mon-Sat at 5pm: Deepstack NLH ($1,000 Guaranteed)

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Mar 4

Garden State Super Series Recap: Leinad takes down GSSS #12

GSSS 2016Garden State Super Series IV was a big success over the last two nights, with the final prize pools of all guaranteed tournaments eclipsing what was guaranteed.

Monday night featured several GSSS IV events, including GSSS #12, the Mega Tuesday 500 with $20,000 in guaranteed prize money. The tournament title went to online poker player leinad, who has racked up $147,705 in tournaments alone. The New Jersey poker player also won the Mega Tuesday 500 back on February 24th and he’s amassed several other 1st place and final table finishes over the last few years.

On Tuesday, GSSS #13, a $20,000 GTD NLH, saw a final prize pool of $24,500, with first place winner JroNMint2722 conquering the tourney for $4,900.

GSSS #14, a $7,500 GTD NLH, featured $10,500 in prize money, with Jenger420 winning $2,000 after besting a field of 210 entries. This has been a successful series for Jenger420. He most recently cashed for $532 in GSSS #6 on March 1st.

In GSSS #15, 235 entries fueled the $10K prize pool to $10,926. ManBearPig finished first to secure over $1,803.

There’s more Garden State Super Series action tonight and every night until March 13th, so join us and make your way into the next GSSS IV recap.

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Mar 3

The American Poker Awards

American Poker AwardsAlthough there have been European Poker Awards since 2001 to recognize the accomplishments of both players and organizers in the poker industry, we had nothing similar in the US until recently despite the fact that the roots of the 2003 poker boom took place right here in the US. That changed last year when the Global Poker Index began hosting the American Poker Awards.

While I thought it was cool that poker was finally going to have an awards ceremony on this side of the pond after all these years, I honestly never expected to be nominated for an award unless I went on some insane heater, especially since there wasn’t a charity category in the European Poker Awards before then. So I was surprised, honored and excited when the Charity Series of Poker (CSOP) was nominated for one of the inaugural American Poker Awards last year in the Charitable Initiative of the Year category.

I was also, however, pretty disappointed when we didn’t win the award to be perfectly honest. I used that disappointment in the most productive way I could. In much the same way, I tried to use my 2nd and 3rd place finishes in major events as motivation to keep improving my game in preparation for the next opportunity.  I tried even harder in year two of operation than I did in year one, and the results followed.

The CSOP inaugural event at Planet Hollywood in Vegas raised nearly $15K for Three Square Food Bank which wasn’t bad, but was nothing compared to the $42K the event raised at the same price point in Season 2.  Our event at Seminole Hard Rock in Florida went from $15K to $34K raised for Habitat for Humanity of Broward County, and our most recent Borgata event was also on the uptick from $8K to over $13K raised for Habitat for Humanity of Atlantic County and the Community FoodBank of NJ.

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Mar 2 Online Poker Tournament Leaderboard Standings (February ’16 Final)

Players earned Tournament Leaderboard Points for participating in qualifying online tournaments during the month of February and earned Tournament Leaderboard Bonus Points based on cash placed finished, buy-in amount and total number of tournament entries. Congratulations! The top 30 place finishers won monthly leaderboard prizes, and the top 500 place finishers for the February 2016 Tournament…

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Feb 29

Over $150K Paid Out on Opening Day of GSSS IV

GSSS 2016Garden State Super Series IV is now underway and it’s proving to pay off massively for poker players in New Jersey.  All five tournaments on Sunday’s opening day schedule featured more prize pools exceeding all guarantees.

Here’s a look at what happened in last night’s five big tournaments:

  • GSSS #1 featured a final prize pool of $14,100, eclipsing the $7,500 that had been guaranteed.  The NLH Slow Grind saw PunisherPete claim the first place prize of $2,820.
  • GSSS #2, our biggest tournament of the night with $75,000 guaranteed, paid out an impressive $94,400.  A four-way final table deal distributed $43,829 among ninjaG0 ($11K), ABH70 ($11K), floppynuts ($11K) and jakep474 ($10,829).
    If the name ninjaG0 sounds familiar, it’s because he’s found significant success in a number of tournaments, including several Sunday $50k Guaranteed tournaments and Daily $10K Guaranteed events.  His total earnings prior to last night’s big win approached $18,000.
  • GSSS #3 saw a final prize pool of $32,500, well above the $20,000 that was promised. A final table deal saw Big_Daddy and treetrap split $10,643 almost down the middle.
  • GSSS #4, a $7,500 guarantee, got fairly close to doubling its guaranteed prize pool, paying out $13,750.  Deezer took first place, adding $2,675 to his bankroll.
  • GSSS #5 paid out $16,000—that’s $6,000 above the $10,000 that was guaranteed.  Congrats to jmzit2u on his first place finish.

The Garden State Super Series IV runs through March 13th with several tournaments on the schedule each day.  Head to the GSSS IV tournament page for all the info and discover which events you’ll conquer next.  Remember, there is over $1 million in guaranteed prize pools for GSSS IV events!

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Feb 26

Big Money on Tap this Weekend as GSSS IV Kicks Off

GSSS 2016Who says you have to go big or go home? For the next 15 days, you’re invited to go big from home. Garden State Super Series IV kicks off this Sunday with $120,000 in guaranteed prize money on the table. And that’s just the beginning of our schedule of big guaranteed tournaments.

The online tournament series, which guarantees over $1 million, features five big events on the schedule this Sunday alone:

4:00pm -> GSSS #1 – $7,500 GTD NLH Slow Grind – $50+5 Buy-in

5:00pm -> GSSS #2 – $75,000 GTD NLH (Re-entry) – $200+15 Buy-in

7:00pm -> GSSS #3 – $20,000 GTD NLH (Re-entry) – $100+9 Buy-in

7:30pm -> GSSS #4 – $7,500 GTD NLH (Re-entry) – $50+5 Buy-in

8:00pm -> GSSS #5 – $10,000 GTD NLH Turbo (Re-entry) – $100+9 Buy-in

The action continues daily until March 13th with between three and five big events on the schedule every day. You’ll find satellites into your favorites in the software right now, so join the rest of the Garden State in the biggest poker series around.

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Feb 22

Qualifiers for Garden State Super Series IV are Now Live

GSSS 2016Practice your mad bluffing skills because the one you’ve been waiting for is almost here. We’re just under one week away from the next installment of New Jersey’s biggest online poker tournament series.

Garden State Super Series IV gets underway on February 28th at and jam-packs over $1 million in guaranteed prize pool money into two weeks of serious poker action.

The series kicks off in bold fashion with a massive $75,000 NLH tournament on Day 1. The following Sunday, there’s a $100K guarantee. And on the final Sunday of the series, you can look forward to the $150K Guaranteed Main Event.

Sandwiched in between those hallmark events are tournaments with hundreds of thousands in prize money. Throughout the schedule you’ll find all your favorites —No Limit Hold’em, PLO8, Fixed Limit Hold’em, High Rollers, Slow Grinds, Turbos, and more.

While the series doesn’t kick off until February 28th, satellites for many of the big tournaments are already live. You can check out the full tournament schedule on our promotions page, or open the software to find a qualifier for your favorite events.

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Feb 19

Calling the Clock

Matt Stout“Who called the clock?”

Anyone who has played poker before has heard this question asked before, usually rhetorically.  It’s the first step in a series of disdainful comments made by a player who is offended that someone would call the clock on them.  It can lead to awkward confrontations, especially when the player who had the clock called on him just lost a big pot.

I’m here to tell you that the person who is out of line is probably the one who had the clock called on him, not the clock caller.  Although the ability to call the clock on another player, after which a player has one minute to act, has been a rule in poker for decades, it seems that in the “old days” of poker it was somewhat taboo to do so.  Well, it’s a new day, especially in tournaments where the blinds are constantly going up and there’s a lot more pressure to increase your stack than in a cash game.

Tanking has become an epidemic in poker tournaments and is very bad for the game.  Not only does it make the game more boring and less enjoyable when you have to sit through 2 to 4 minute decisions throughout 8 to 10 minute hands, but it also makes everybody at the table a little less likely to win the event.  Per-hand edges are small – the less hands you play per hour, the harder it is for you to accumulate chips and give yourself a chance to win the tournament.

Tournament directors and organizers have gone so far as to consider instituting a “shot clock” in poker tournaments and providing Tournament Directors the ability to call the clock rather than relying on players to do it.  I personally stood up at the Poker Tournament Directors’ Association’s (“TDA”) most recent summit while they discussed this idea and told them that while I appreciate their efforts, I think the onus is on us as players to speak up when someone’s tanking habits are out of line.  While I think a shot clock would combat the tanking epidemic effectively – and I initially liked the idea – I’ve realized that it would probably be bad for poker in the long run.

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