Nov 14

Game Day Entertaining

Follow our easy tips to impress even the most die-hard fans on game day – including comforting recipes by Borgata’s Chef/Partners Wolfgang Puck, Bobby Flay, and Geoffrey Zakarian. Game Day Entertaining

  • Make your own table runner by using art paper in your team’s color and decorating with your team’s logo and mascot.
  • Cut corkboard into football or helmet shapes to use as coasters.
  • Show support for your favorite team by serving craft beer from breweries in your team’s region – Victory Brewing for Philadelphia Eagles fans, Brooklyn Brewery for New York Giants fans, and Union Craft Brewing for Baltimore Ravens fans.
  • In addition to your prepared items, serve no-fuss snacks like pistachio nuts, hard pretzels, and honeycrisp apples with gruyere cheese.


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Nov 13

Borgata Fall Spa Specials

Fall Spa SpecialsNovember is a month known for ushering the holiday season. That means sales, decorations and most of all, great fall flavors.

There’s ginger and spice, apple pie a la mode, and pumpkin, just to name a few autumnal faves. They’re so prevalent this time of year, they permeate the air and we feel them in our very skin.

So at this point, you may be wondering if you’re mistakenly reading Borgata’s dining blog.

Nope, this is Borgata’s Spa Blog because in November, fall spices take over even in our famed spa treatments and massages at Spa Toccare and Immersion Spa. And there’s a reason that spices like ginger and pumpkin make us feel so revived at the holidays. Like many natural ingredients, each spice has its own health benefits.

Ginger, for example—long known as a treatment for nausea—also has a warming effect that stimulates circulation. Meanwhile, pumpkin helps neutralize free radicals and can help prevent wrinkling and vanilla bean is chock full of important minerals. Apples, of course, are about as healthy a fruit as you can find.

And you thought they just made great cookies and pies.

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Nov 13

20 Under $20 Borgata Dishes To Sink Your Teeth Into

Crispy Onion Tomato Salad We’re sharing twenty ways to savor Borgata for less than $20. Day or night we’ve got you covered – including the recipe for Wolfgang Puck’s classic Chinois Chicken Salad to enjoy at home!
1.) Crispy Onion – Roasted Tomato – Blue Cheese Salad, $14│Bobby Flay Steak
Start with sweet crispy onions and roasted tomatoes on a bed of bitter baby greens, then top with blue cheese crumbles and buttermilk dressing, and you have one of the best flavor profiles in a single dish that’s worth every bite. Thank you, Mr. Flay.

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Nov 13

2015 WSOP Final Table: Way to Represent, East Coast!

Matt StoutBack in the *old* days during the poker boom there was a silly debate that raged in poker circles and circled around one question: Who’s better at poker, the east coast or the west coast? (Apparently the South and Midwest were automatically disqualified from contention.)

Even though I bought a house in Las Vegas in 2010, I’ve always been repping the east coast in this argument. I grew up in Bayonne, New Jersey and had been into card and board games including poker and chess my entire life. When I was 19 I became deeply engrossed (read: addicted) to poker during the 2003-2004 poker boom especially since I had just given up playing college hockey at that point and was in dire need of a competitive outlet to replace it.

I spent two years — much of which should have been spent studying my majors of business and psychology at The College of New Jersey — cutting my teeth in every game I could find around campus, and when that wasn’t enough I turned to online poker. After dumping a lot of money on $5-10 tournaments and spending a semester eating Easy Mac and ramen noodles, I decided to dedicate myself to improving my game because I’m a fan of meat and other foods that weren’t cheap, and being a broke college student who was losing money at online poker was pretty far from sustainable as far as business models go.

Within three months of turning 21 and becoming a fixture in Atlantic City tournaments, I had managed to scrape together just enough a bankroll to play the WSOP Circuit when it came to town. I busted the first $340 event but then won a $75 sit-and-go into the 2nd event, a $560 NL. That tournament changed my life forever, because I ended up chopping at the final table with Matt Glantz for $34K. I went on to win two seats to the $10K main event later that week in the only two $200+rebuys I played, sold one seat to Nicky Frangos, and played my first $10K. That’s when I was able to quiet the 20% of my brain that kept telling me I was out of my mind for wanting to try to make a living playing poker and I knew that I was going to pursue this dream that I still haven’t woken up from after 9 years.

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Nov 11

Alan Cumming November 14 at Borgata’s Music Box

Alan CummingLooking through the upcoming concerts at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, you might think that an Evening with Alan Cumming on November 14, at Borgata’s Music Box might make for a peaceful, pleasant evening with the Broadway star.

Especially if we tell you that Cumming himself bills the evening as “Alan Cumming Sings Sappy Songs.”

Doesn’t that sound like a peaceful event?

Only if you’re not familiar with Alan Cumming—at least on stage. Since he sprang on the scene playing the master of ceremonies in the 1998 Broadway re-adaption of “Cabaret,” Cumming has been one of the most energetic and unpredictable stage presences in American theater.

Sappy songs huh? Here’s a description of the show from the NY Times review.

“Nothing, however, prepared me for the emotional firestorm that Mr. Cumming detonated at Tuesday’s opening-night performance of his nightclub show ‘Alan Cumming Sings Sappy Songs.’ ‘Have a hankie ready,’ he advised early in the evening while flashing a subversive Mephistophelean grin whose message read: You know and I know that underneath our decorum, we’re all ravenous sexual beasts and hooray for that!”

That’s Alan Cumming, one of the hardest actors/singers to pin down into a neat stereotypical role. The Scottish born performer has been seen on American film screens (starting in 1997 with “Romy and Michelle’s Wedding“) and TV screens in a host of roles from “Spy Kids” to his current role on “The Good Wife.

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Nov 11

5 Ways to Savor Pumpkin Season at Borgata

It seems like we’re living in a pumpkin spice world these days. We could fight it, but why try when it’s just so delicious. Sink your teeth into any or all of these festive sweets and eats at Borgata this fall.1.) Pumpkin Spice “Spiked” Coffee | Borgata Baking Company
BBC Pumpkin Spiced Coffee made with pumpkin spiced syrup, steamed milk, whipped cream topped with bourbon black walnut sugar crystals, and a shot of your favorite liquor. Not enough pumpkin? Pair it with a Pumpkin Pie French Macaron. Sugar, spice, and everything nice!
Pumpkin Spice Coffee

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Nov 10

You could win a share of $1,100 Bonus Dollars on Veterans Day

Veterans Day $1,100 Bonus DollarsNovember 11th is Veterans Day and to thank those who have served and those who continue to serve our country, we’re giving away $1,100 Bonus Dollars throughout the day. And you don’t have to be a veteran to win.

Just sign in to your account between 12pm and 11:59pm on November 11th and enjoy your favorite games. Throughout the day, we’ll randomly select 11 players and award them with $100 Bonus Dollars each.

That’s $1,100 Bonus Dollars on 11/11, just for players.

Don’t yet have an account? If you sign up now, you’ll get $20 Bonus Dollars as a new player bonus, plus we’ll match whatever you deposit by 100% up to $100.

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Nov 9

Borgata Online Winners for October 26 – November 1

Raging Rhino Game ScreenshotWhat can you get for an $8 bet on the Raging Rhino slots at How about more than $10,000?

Ok, that was actually the winnings on two $8 bets on the Raging Rhino slots as we look at the big online winners at and for the week of October 26 – November 1—one jackpot of $4,500 and a second of $6,200.

Throw in a $3,000 jackpot on Aztec Myths, and the payouts were just raging all week long.

Meanwhile,’s Garden State Super Series is over, but our regular online play continued to pay big dividends for online grinders.

Isn’t it time you got in on the action at Borgata’s online sites?

Here’s a look at the big online winners for October 26 – November 1:

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Nov 6

You Could Win $20 Bonus Dollars this Weekend

$20 Bonus DollarsMake sure you’re online and playing slots at on Saturday, November 7th and Sunday, November 8th. Between 12pm and 11:59pm on both days, we’re randomly handing out $20 Bonus Dollars to 20 different players.

That’s two days to win $20 Bonus Dollars, just for playing on our site. There’s no special game to play. There’s no special bonus code needed. If we randomly pick you, you’ll have more to play with. It’s that simple.

Looking for something cool to spend your Bonus Dollars on? Check out our big collection of Jackpot Slots. We’ve paid out over $2.1 million in jackpots so far and you could be next.

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