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Mar 18

Atlantic City’s First Free Throw Contest Promotion March 21

Free Throw TournamentWhat do Wilt Chamberlain, Shaquille O’Neil and Dwight Howard have in common?

NBA greats? Yes. Offensive juggernauts? Yes.

Couldn’t shoot free throws if their lives depended on it? Well, maybe not that bad, but yes.

Hitting free throws is a singular art—just ask Steve Nash, the all-time NBA leader in free throw percentage. But as anyone who remembers the hack-a-Shaq years knows, shooting free throws is the one basketball skill that’s not necessarily hogged by pro ballers.

Everyone who has ever walked onto a basketball court (or for that matter a driveway court) can impress at the free throw line, even if you couldn’t dunk with a ladder. And it’s that skill that we at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa are tapping into as we announce our first ever skill-based casino promotion.

You guessed it, we’re having a free throw contest.

The Borgata $10,000 Guaranteed Basketball Free Throw Tournament will be held at 10am on Saturday, March 21 in the Signature Room. The groundbreaking new game, which has been approved by The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement as part of its “New Jersey First” program is the first of its kind anywhere in the country.

“As Atlantic City’s market-leading resort destination, we believe that it is important that Borgata continue to play a dynamic role in the implementation of original and revolutionary programs,” said Borgata President and Chief Operating Officer Tom Ballance. “We appreciate the progressive thinking of the Division as well as their encouragement as we begin to introduce social and skill-based gaming options to a new generation of players.”

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Feb 11

Double Holiday Weekend At Borgata February 13 – 16

presidents-dayFebruary was always a big month for George and Martha Washington as well as Abe and Mary Todd Lincoln, what with Valentine’s Day and George and Abe’s birthday both being in February.

And so, the Washingtons and Lincolns partied down in February. George and Martha would give each other colonial-era-appropriate gifts like molasses candies (in heart-shape boxes) and some nice wood varnish for George’s oral hygiene (you know, wooden teeth.) Then they’d have cherry pie.

Abe would give Mary agita and she famously gave him little wood log pieces he could make toy log cabins out of, hence the birth of Lincoln logs. Then they’d pitch pennies, which was like throwing little Lincoln commemorative medallions around.

Now, of course, it’s entirely possible that none of this really happened—because we totally just made it up—but the point is when February lines-up Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day together on the calendar, it’s time to party.

And nobody does holiday weekend parties like Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, where this year we get to combine both our romantic Valentine’s offerings with the star-packed entertainment and promotions of another Presidents’ Day Weekend in Atlantic City.

From Friday, February 13 to Monday, February 16, Borgata has something for everyone.

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Jan 22

Borgata Instant Bonus January 22 – 24

instant-bonusWe all love a bonus and want a bonus. Let’s face it, most of us could really use a bonus. But did you ever think about the word “bonus?” We mean really think about it.

Now, of course a bonus can come at work or be an extra free throw when the other team has gone over the foul limit. But this is the definition that we’re talking about today.

“Something welcome and often unexpected that accompanies and enhances something that is itself good”—from whatever they call the Google dictionary (which is possibly Google dictionary).

That’s the kind of bonus we like here at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa. Especially when we talk about BONUS SLOT DOLLARS®.

Starting today, Thursday, January 22 through Saturday January 24, slots players at Borgata can receive instant bonuses while playing. Think about it. You’re just playing Borgata’s wide selection of slots, enjoying the action and Bam … you win a bonus between $1 and $100 in BONUS SLOT DOLLARS®.

That’s something good, kind of unexpected (well, this blog post aside) and it definitely enhances something already good, which is playing at Borgata.

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Jan 14

MLK Weekend at Borgata

MLK WeekendBorgata Nightlife is famous for its ability to turn any weekend into a three-day weekend. So when you actually have a three-day holiday weekend—as we do with Martin Luther King Day on January 19, this Monday—you can expect even more.

Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa has put together one of the best line-ups of DJs and shows you’ll find anywhere, let alone on a cold January weekend.

Check this out.

Winter Music SeriesNervo at MIXX Friday, January 16.

PS1 at mur.mur. Friday, January 16.

Rob Thomas in a special intimate performance benefiting The Sidewalk Angels Foundation at The Music Box January 16 – 18.

D-Nice at mur.mur. Saturday, January 17.

DJ Mustard at MIXX Saturday, January 17.

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Jan 7

Tarzan and Golden Goose Slots Debut at Borgata

Loose GooseAmong the many different slot themes that can be found on the casino floor at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, you can often find connections that bring the themes together.

Take for example three of Borgata’s newest slots, Tarzan of the Apes from Aristocrat games and LooseGoose and SuperGoose from Ainsworth games.

We all know that Tarzan is the creation of American writer Edgar Rice Burroughs, who wrote about a small boy—that would be Tarzan—who was raised by apes in the African jungle and became a great jungle hero. But did you know Burroughs toyed with other settings for the story, including having Tarzan raised by wild geese? Tarzan would then grow up to hang around golf courses and storm-water retention ponds basically annoying everybody until … No wait, that’s not it.

Actually Tarzan of the Geese protected mythical lost cities where Super Geese protected the Golden Goose that lays the Golden Egg from unscrupulous geese and gold egg hunters with a taste for pâté that threaten scenic waterways … wait, this isn’t right either.

Ok, we admit it. There’s no connection.

Tarzan is Tarzan, Geese are geese. The only connection is that all three of our new slots offer up great slots action and jackpots to players.

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Dec 31

Last Minute NYE Planning? Borgata Has You Covered

New Year's Eve at BorgataNew Year’s Eve is here.

Now for those people out there who are good at planning—you know the kind of people who made reservations for a Time’s Square hotel six years ago—that’s no big deal.

But for everybody else, it’s time to panic. Where do we go? Where’s the best party?

One answer—Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa.

Even the plan aheaders (those who plan ahead?) know that. Just check out this New Year’s lineup at Borgata.

Events for New Year’s Eve include:

Casino Promos


One winner every 14 minutes

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Noon – 7 P.M.

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Dec 23

Wicked Winnings Slots Get the Legend Treatment at Borgata

Wicked Winnings LogoWhen it comes to a classic, you have to be pretty careful when you start talking about upgrades.

Anyone remember New Coke? Didn’t think so.

Sure, Ms. Pac-Man had better game play than plain old Pac-Man and the CGI King Kong created by Peter Jackson took the old stop/action puppet version Kong of the 1933 original to school. But most of the time, originals stand the test of time.

And that’s especially true of classic old slot themes such as Wicked Winnings from Aristocrat Games. It’s one of the most popular titles ever put out by the Australian game maker. Why would you mess with it?

Well, because they gave it the old Peter Jackson treatment.

Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, in a national exclusive, is proud to debut Aristocrat’s new Wicked Winnings Legends game, a class III slots dual game package which takes all the fun of the original classic title to the next level.  And by national exclusive, we mean that you’ll only find it here in Atlantic City at Borgata.

Wicked Winnings has become a favorite of players mostly because of its … well, wicked features. Filled with flaming skulls, ravens and the famed She-Devil who takes you to the bonus rounds, the game has some of the most vivid graphics, brightest colors and coolest music you’ll find on a slots games.

And you don’t have to lose a bit of it in Wicked Winnings Legends.

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Dec 12

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Slots Hit Borgata’s Casino Floor

ellen-slotsThrough the long ages of daytime TV (you know, starting back in, like, the 50s) there have been a handful of shows that break through to become more than just hits, but become full-blown pop culture phenomenon.

Stuff like “Howdy Doody,” “General Hospital,” “People’s Court” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show” for example.

For our age, however, the daytime TV phenomena is “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Some of us (read Old People) can remember when DeGeneres was just a simple stand-up comic who later had her own sitcom in the 90s. But it was in 2003, when she launched her daytime show that DeGeneres passed into the pop culture phenomena category.

That’s 11 years of Emmy awards, dancing and singing with her live-studio audience and her famous giveaways. And let’s not forget how internet savvy she is, as she’s being credited with the most retweeted tweet of the year with the superstar packed selfie she tweeted when she hosted the Oscars.

So what could be the next world left for DeGeneres to conquer?

Slot machines, of course. Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa proudly announces the addition of two new “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” themed slot machines on our casino floor. After all, a show famed for giveaways makes a perfect slot machine theme.

The two new slots are The Ellen DeGeneres ShowFeaturing Ellen’s Dance Party Video Slots and The Ellen DeGeneres Show™ Featuring 12 Days of Giveaways Video Slots from IGT games.

“I’m so excited to have my very own line of slot machines,” DeGeneres says of her new slots. “People are gonna have the chance to play really fun games, have their own mini dance parties and win actual cold, hard cash. I mean, honestly, what more do you want from me?”

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Nov 25

Flintstones Slot Debuts at Borgata

Flinstones Slot MachineYou probably think you live in the greatest Hi-Tech age of all time, what with the smartphones and cars that can find any address in the world.

But really, do you think it beats taking a shower as a Wooly Mammoth sprays water on you–from its trunk–or having a Dictaphone that’s pretty much just a really smart talking bird?

How about disc brakes? Why, when you can just use your feet? Commercial air travel? You haven’t lived until you’ve flown on a giant pterodactyl (complete with flight attendants).

Now that tech–Stone Age Tech.

We, of course, are talking about life in that crazy town of Bedrock with the lovable Flintstones clan, which will now be a regular on Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa’s casino floor thanks to a new slot machine from WMS Games.

The Flinstones—immortalized in breakfast cereal and vitamins—was the most successful animated prime-time series ever before The Simpsons began its 88-year run. It ran from 1960 to 1966 and then in reruns pretty much until now. Kind of a prehistoric “The Honeymooners,” it gave us the catch phrase Yaba Daba Doo, a 1994 film and a pretty great version of “Bedrock Twitch” from the B-52s.

And now, it’s bringing you jackpots. The sights, sounds, and of course all of your favorite characters from THE FLINTSTONES television series make their debut on the Gamefield xD cabinet in this fresh take on the prehistoric wheel.

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Nov 14

Three New Slots Titles at Borgata

Jurassic ParkImagine this.

You’re walking alone in the forest because the evil queen has really got it in for you—so you pretty much just took off from the castle. She’s got this snarky mirror that’s been giving her a hard time just because you—the fairest of them all—are a lot better looking than her. Like that’s your fault.

Anyway, you’re in the forest when you see seven small shapes approaching through the underbrush. Are they friendly? Will they help you? You look closely as they come into view and realize that yes, they are … seven velociraptors.

Ok, no help there and they start moving on you pretty quick. So you’re running, trying to keep the electric fences on and dodging T-Rex’s and that one dinosaur that spit the poison on the guy from Seinfeld. It’s pretty hectic and all you can think of is it would be great to find some help, like say a big guy with an axe.

So around the bend you go and there he is … a giant white whale named after that bald guy who plays all the electronic music (or is it the other way around?).

Anyway, now there’s guys in boats with harpoons, dwarves, brachiosaurs, and a bunch of bad apples. It’s mayhem.

There’s only one thing it can all mean—bonus spins and jackpots.

Ok, ha ha, we’re having a little fun again with the varied themes you can find in the slots area on the casino floor of Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa.

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