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Feb 8

Game of Thrones Slots Debuts at Borgata

Game of Thrones Slot MachineWinter is coming to Borgata.

Yeah, Ok, it’s already winter and all, but just go with us here.

Winter is coming to Borgata. And for Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa slots players that means the adventurous can delve into the world of Westeros, a land of dragons, treachery and an amazing amount of unexpected major character deaths.

Yes, “Game of Thrones” fans, the ultra-popular HBO show has been adapted to a slot machine by Aristocrat Games. And that means you can try your luck at getting a jackpot with the help of characters such as Daenerys Stormborn, John Snow , Little Finger and Tyrion the Imp. (Note for non-“Game of Thrones” fans, those are not made up names)

You can also look for characters like Rob and Ned Stark, Robert Baratheon and Joffrey and hope you had better luck than they had on the show.

Check out these bonus features:

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Jan 14

‘Ted’ Slots Debut at Borgata

Ted Slot MachineDid you ever wish you could sit in on a meeting of Hollywood producers when they’re being pitched movie ideas?

You have to figure that sometimes, it would be pretty ridiculous.

Like say when Seth MacFarlane pitched the idea for the 2012 hit movie “Ted.”

“It’s about this little boy who makes a wish and his teddy bear comes to life. No, really, but the movie’s about years later when they grow up and now Ted is a hard-partying, hard-swearing, wickedly funny sidekick to the guy. And that’s messing stuff up with his girlfriend …”

You have to figure the producer who backed that was a little like the guy who ate the first raw oyster—guts enough to take a big risk and then got a big reward.

Ted” became a colossal hit, has already spawned a sequel and had millions of people looking at their stuffed animal toys in a new light (not to mention the 1980 cult classic film “Flash Gordon”).

For Aristocrat Games, however, pitching the idea of a slots game based on “Ted” was probably a no brainier and we here at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa were pretty quick to add it to our line-up of Borgata slots.

Playing the slot, you can expect all the themes so delicately brought up in the film, including these bonus features:

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Jan 12

Borgata Lexus GX Sweepstakes January 17

Lexus GX Sweeps“Offering access to your favorite mobile apps, the capability of electronic Trailer Sway Control* and generous appointments throughout, the seven-passenger GX does one thing exceptionally well: everything.”

OK, that’s straight from Lexus about their GX SUV and it sounds pretty cool.

So cool, in fact, that Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa wants you to have one. On Sunday, January 17 we’ll be giving away a Lexus GX every two hours from noon to 8pm in our Lexus GX Sweepstakes. Just Insert your My Borgata card into any slot machine or open a table games rating from 10 A.M. – 7:30 P.M. on January 17 for your chance to be one of five lucky winners taking home a brand new Lexus GX.

Does that whet your appetite? Well, here’s a little more about the Lexus GX in case you’re still on the fence about taking a trip to Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa January 17.

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Dec 9

A Christmas Story Slots at Borgata

A Christmas Story Slot MachineSay the words “A Christmas Story” to most people around the world and a lot of things may come to mind—a star over Bethlehem, Scrooge, the Gifts of the Magi.

But say it in the United States and one thing springs instantly to mind—will Ralphie get his BB gun?

The 1983 film “A Christmas Story” has become an American classic up there with “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Miracle on 34th Street.” Better yet, it’s in color.

So, being as that Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa is in America and in Atlantic City—an American classic in its own right—what better way to celebrate the holiday season than with a new slot based on “A Christmas Story?”

From Aristocrat Games, A Christmas Story slots features all the iconic aspects of the film in this themed slot, from Ralphie fighting off marauders as Black Bart to the Triple Dog Dare that went so badly for Flick.

Check out these bonus features on the 40-line slot:

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Nov 24

Borgata’s $50,000 Amazon.com Gift Card Sweepstakes November 29

$50K Amazon Gift Card SweepstakesYou know what’s great about this time of year? Gifts.

We give them, we get them and most of all we shop for them.

Ok, that last one isn’t always so great. Sure we love to shop, but hanging over our heads is the knowledge that eventually, we have to pay for the gifts we buy.

Well, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa wants to help in our $50,000 Amazon Gift Card Sweepstakes from 1pm to 7pm on November 29. That’s right before the Cyber Monday shopping holiday.

Borgata is giving away 25 gift cards per hour during the sweepstakes, with a grand prize of a $1,000 gift card each hour and a $2,000 gift card at 7pm.

To enter, insert your card into a slot machine or open a table games rating from 10 A.M. – 6:30 P.M. on November 29.

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Sep 2

Labor Day Weekend Line-Up at Borgata

Labor Day WeekendThere was a time when Labor Day Weekend was kind of a bittersweet holiday here in Atlantic City. Sure, as a beach resort we partied hard at the unofficial end of the summer, but it was also the end of the season and things we’re about to quiet down until spring.

Well, that quieting down part is long gone and we at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa go full blast 24/7, 365 days a year. But we still love to party on Labor Day Weekend.

So that’s just sweet, no bitter.

To celebrate the end of summer, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa has put together a line-up like no other on the Jersey Shore for this Labor Day Weekend. From casino promotions to concerts and shows to the best nightclub action anywhere, we’ve got the perfect holiday celebration to see out a long summer season.

Check it out:

Casino promotions

We start our Pick the Pros Football Challenge—which runs through the season until the Big Game—on Labor Day Sept. 7. That’s also the date of the $100,000 Cash Sweepstakes with a $25,000 grand prize.


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Jul 6

OMG! Puppies Slots Debut at Borgata Casino

OMG Puppies Slot MachineHave you ever noticed that the traditional symbols that you see on slot machines aren’t always that cute?

You know, bells are nice, but they’re just bells. Cherries, ok, but just cherries. Even stuff like dragons and tigers, fierce sure, but not that cute.

Hey, you know what would be great? OMG—puppies.

Like, for sure, a whole slot machine of OMG, puppies. Little puppies on the reels. Little puppies on the bonuses. Little puppies on the jackpots.

White ones, brown ones, a sort of pink one named Lady.

OMG, that would be sooooo cute.

Hey, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa—with a little help from WMS Games—delivers. We’re Introducing OMG! Puppies slots to Borgata’s casino floor.

The inspiration for OMG! Puppies was the success of the earlier OMG! Kittens slots (cat people, jeesh) on WMS’ special 5×4 reels slots presentation.

Built from a foundation of extensive research and Player Driven Innovation™, 5×4 themes are exclusive to WMS’ CPU-NXT®3 platform and provide unmatched video reel slot action designed to engage players.

Here’s some notes on game play for OMG! Puppies.

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Jul 1

Borgata’s Fourth of July Weekend Line-up

FireworksWe have to admit that here at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, we get a little crazy about the Fourth of July.

It is the perfect summer holiday and when you’re in Atlantic City at the Jersey shore, well, that makes it the perfect holiday period. And when Fourth of July happens on the weekend—it’s a Saturday this year—and considering that every summer weekend is a party at Borgata … well, that’s just more perfect.

How can something be more perfect? Well, check out this lineup for Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa’s Fourth of July celebration this year.

We start with Meghan Trainor at Festival Park on July 3, offer up the best view for the traditional 4th of July Marina Fireworks Show (again from Festival Park) on July 4 and finish it off with … well, a bunch of stuff from a full entertainment schedule at Borgata’s Nightclubs to great promotions in our casino.

Of course, fireworks are the first thing people think of for the 4th, and our new outdoor venue at Festival Park is the perfect place to view this year’s show.

Atlantic City is putting on two shows this year, with a Boardwalk show July 3 and a marina show July 4.

These unique and brilliant fireworks shows are being created by one of the country’s largest fireworks companies, Pyro Spectaculars by Souza, the presenter of pyrotechnic displays and shows around the world including the Macy’s 4th of July Spectacular in New York City.

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Jun 18

88 Fortunes Slots Debut at Borgata Casino

88 FortunesSlots players often have some interesting ways in deciding which of the about gazillion slot themes that are out there they like to play.

To be sure, sometimes it’s about pay lines and bonuses. Other times, it’s about the graphics. And sometimes it’s about the theme, you know, “I like kitties so I play the slots with cats on them.”

Who knows what makes a slot a favorite—well, hitting jackpots might be a factor—but when a slot is hot, it’s hot. And Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa has just added one of the hottest and most popular slots anywhere—88 Fortunes from Bally Technologies.

Just the title alone has got to make you feel good. “Are there 88 Fortunes to be won on the machine? Will I hit 88 times? Let’s see.”

88 Fortunes is an exciting 4-level progressive that features five reels, 234 ways with 10 Free Games that can be endlessly re-triggered. The Fu Bat Jackpot Feature gives you the opportunity to pick three coins for a chance to win up to the Grand Progressive Jackpot.

With authentic Chinese artwork, the game also features the All Up game style, which gives players the chance to buy gold symbols to increase their winning opportunities. As players buy more symbols, they become eligible for more jackpots.

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May 19

Borgata’s Memorial Day Weekend Line-Up

Memorial Day Weekend FlagMemorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial start of the summer season.

But then you knew that.

For us here in Atlantic City, however, it’s so much more. Summer is everything in these parts—the start of a three-month party of sun, surf, great music, great food and just constant entertainment.

Of course, we do party 365 days a year at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, but when summer comes, well, we really party. And forget about June 21, summer starts this weekend at Borgata and we’ve got the line-up to welcome the season like it’s never been welcomed before.

Check it out:

Casino promotions:


One winner every 7 minutes

Friday, May 22

Noon – 7 P.M.

Borgata Instant Bonus

Sunday, May 24 & Monday, May 25

Play slots at Borgata and receive an instant bonus! Receive up to 10 Instant Bonuses. Each Instant Bonus is a Guaranteed SLOT DOLLAR® Winner. Watch the card reader screen for the Borgata INSTANT BONUS button.

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