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Oct 10

Borgata’s October Spa Specials

spa-sp-pumpkin_203x185-240x384Fall is a season of great flavors. There’s pumpkin spice, pink pomegranate, vanilla and ice cream sundaes.

Not in food, mind you, but in our October line-up of spa specials at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa. Once again our spa experts have put together a group of special treatments utilizing natural ingredients, vitamins, organic botanicals and minerals.

And while outside fall is a season of endings, at Borgata’s spas it’s a season of both rejuvenation and relaxation.

And while you’re here, you might want to check out Borgata’s great dining options. Our Borgata chefs are pretty good at fall flavors as well.

Here’s a look at Borgata’s spa specials for October:

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Sep 8

Borgata Spa Week October 9 – 14

spa-experience-2015-203x185Here’s a fun fact. Every time you spend a relaxing hour or two at Borgata’s spa’s getting one of our signature massages, you’re engaging in something that people have been doing for more than 4,300 years.

Really, the first indication of massages was found in the Tomb of Akmanthor (also known as “The Tomb of the Physician”) in Saqqara, Egypt which has a depiction of two men getting foot massages. The tomb dates to 2,330 BC.

By 700 BC massage was a pretty standard practice in Asian medicine, so the point is it’s been around a long time. Couple that with the ancient Greeks love of baths, and you get the history of spas…

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Jul 13

SUMMER FUN: 6 Ways to Beat the Heat at Borgata

the-water-club-poolIs there anything better than a dip in a pool with a little refreshing cocktail is waiting for you by a lounge chair? Lucky enough for Borgata guests, they have multiple options if they want to cool down poolside: We offer a wide variety of watering holes, each with their own unique style and environment. Plus, the huge new Borgata Beer Garden & Outdoor Pool just opened, offering even more opportunities to catch some rays. Here’s a look at some of our favorite places to soak up the summer while OUT at Borgata.

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May 11

Borgata’s May/June Spa Specials

Spa Experience Week

We love spring for so many things. The return of the warm sun, the green leaves, the soft breeze, the very fragrance of the season.

Fragrance? Now that’s something the award-winning Spas at Borgata know about. Along with the very best in massages, relaxation and rejuvenation, our spa treatments tap into the very fragrances that infuse your body with the essence of the eternal spring – strong, reborn and vital.

Pretty artsy stuff huh?


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Apr 27

Borgata Spa Flash Sale

Borgata Spa Flash SaleThis is the time of year when we start thinking about summer. It may be some weeks away, but we still have summer on the mind as we plan trips, beach days, outdoor activities and just all around fun in the sun.

You know – summer stuff.

The spas at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa want to help you prepare for the season by reducing your stress, rejuvenating your skin, as well as your general outlook for the upcoming season.

And best of all, we’re doing it with a great Spa Flash Sale. You can book the following services through May 1, but schedule them between May 2 and June 23 at Spa Toccare and Immersion Spa.

Here in Atlantic City, summer is the season to relax and party. There’s no better place to start than Borgata’s Spas.

De Stress Massage $110 / 50 min

What a perfect time to address your stress… Close your eyes and dream of pure relaxation as our therapist helps you let it go… This upper body massage focusing on high stress areas of your back, neck and shoulders will transport you to complete peace.

Treatment includes complimentary Lather travel kit, a retail value of $22.

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Apr 18

Insider Skincare Tips From Borgata’s Spa Staff

spa-facialSure, the spring weather is upon us, but the damage from the cold, dry winter still has a major impact on skin, especially during these transitional months. However, there are some easy practices and simple tips that you can easily implement into your daily routine to help heal and prevent dryness, aging, and damage. We chatted with Borgata esthetician Lynda Iliev, who works at both our Immersion Spa and Spa Toccare, who provided us with some basic and practical tips to keep your skin looking perfect in any season.

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Apr 7

Borgata’s April Spa Specials

April Spa Specials at BorgataBefore we get into the April Spa Specials at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, here’s some helpful definitions of some of the things we’re empathizing this month at Borgata Spas.

Chi – Your life force or energy flow and a fundamental principle in Chinese medicine.

Bioflavnoids – A large class of antioxidants. They are compounds abundant in the pulp and rinds of citrus fruits and other foods containing vitamin C, such as soybeans and root vegetables.

Kerastase – A French international luxury haircare brand, headquartered in Paris.

Kumquat – A fruit, kind of like an orange.

Borgata spa specials – When Borgata spa personnel use their expertise and the finest products available to provide you with an amazing and relaxing rejuvenation experience.

We just wanted to clear some of that up before you peruse our Spa Specials for April, where once again we’ve tapped the best natural ingredients to provide you with the ultimate spa experience at Borgata Spas.

We don’t mean to get technical, we just kind of love the wide range of spa options we get to bring to you. You’ll love it too – promise.

Here’s a look at Borgata’s April Spa Specials:

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Mar 17

Borgata’s March Spa Specials

March Spa Specials at BorgataMarch is a time of renewal and famed for the whole coming in like a lion and leaving like a lamb thing.

More importantly, spring arrives and the world re-blooms with life, energy and vitality.

Sounds like a spa pitch doesn’t it? You have to admit there’s no better season for a spa visit than spring and to welcome spring, there’s no better time to go to Borgata Spas than March.

We’ve got a host of spa specials to exfoliate, massage, hydrate, infuse and generally rejuvenate you after a long winter.

Because in March a promise is kept. No matter how long the winter, spring always follows.

Here’s a look at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa’s March spa specials.

Spa Toccare and Immersion Spa

Ground Control Massage / 50 minutes / $110

Chi, Chi, Chi Changes in the weather; Come to the spa and feel light as a feather. Our therapist will help you to ground your Chi with our balancing Swedish style massage.  Complete this grounding experience with a foot exfoliation.

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Mar 8

Borgata Spa Experience March 13 – 18

Borgata Spa Experience WeekIn the fast-paced world of Borgata Spas, few things are as hotly anticipated as the madcap, zany frenzy that is another Borgata Spa Experience—with our latest extravaganza scheduled for March 13 – March 18.

Let yourself go with these high intensity thrill rides at Spa Toccare and Immersion Spa such as:

De-stress Massage – 50 min/$85

This upper body massage focusing on high stress areas of your back, neck and shoulders will transport you complete peace.

Borgata Bliss or Javanese Lulur – 100 min/$225

Enjoy one of our relaxing bath and body rituals. Borgata Bliss is available at Spa Toccare. Javanese Lulur is available at Immersion Spa.

Me Time Manicure/Pedicure – $95

Enjoy a Classic Manicure and Plush Pedicure at The Salon, then spend your day relaxing in the women’s spa lounge at Spa Toccare.

Ok, you guessed it, we we’re just funning about the whole high intensity thing (thought you were on Borgata’s Nightlife blog huh?).

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Feb 9

Borgata’s February Spa Specials

February Borgata Spa SpecialsAs we like to say when February rolls around, sweets for the sweet. And that’s the theme surrounding Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa’s February spa specials, as we present a host of relaxation treatments that employ chocolate, strawberries and brown sugar, among other sweets.

Now at this point, any Shakespearian scholars reading this are probably annoyed that we’re misquoting “sweets to the sweet” from Hamlet.

So yes, the line is from Hamlet and has nothing to do with candy and is in fact, used in a kind of depressing way within the play. (You can look it up if you must know.)

But we’re not about that here at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa and our spa treatments are designed to relax, re-invigorate and generally recharge you in the bleakness of winter. And, of course, with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we’ve tailored February’s specials to couples and romance.

We’ve also put a heavy emphasis on chocolate this month, which even Shakespeare couldn’t make depressing. That’s probably why there are no famous Shakespearian quotes about chocolate. (Well, that and the fact that chocolate as we know it hadn’t really taken hold in Europe during his life.)

So we’ll turn to a great 20th Century writer—Charles M. Schultz, the creator of Charlie Brown—for a quote that sums up our February specials:

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

Here’s a look at Borgata’s February Spa Specials:

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