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Aug 24

Borgata Online Winners for August 10 – 16

Yahtzee Slot MachineThere are a lot of great things we get to yell when we win or score in a game. You know, stuff like “Bingo,” “Gooooaaaal,” “We’re No. 1” etc. But one of the coolest has to be when you get to yell “Yahtzee.”

Anyone who has ever played the classic dice game knows the feeling when all the dice line up just right. Well guess what? You can get your chance to yell Yahtzee playing online at BorgataCasino.com, as Anthony from Somers Point found out playing our newest slots game “Yahtzee.” His $2 bet won him $3,500, which is a little more than we ever won playing Yahtzee in the living room.

Hey we like to keep you yelling—and winning—here at BorgaataCasino.com and BorgataPoker.com.

Of course as much as we love yelling Yahtzee, the real story this week may be the $100,000 jackpot won by Donna from Franklin Lakes on our Double Diamond Slot game. We don’t know what she yelled when she hit the $100K, but she’s probably still yelling.

Here’s a look at the big online winners for August 10 – August 16:

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Aug 20

Roll your Way to Big Wins with the New Yahtzee Online Slots Game

Yahtzee Slot MachineReady to roll the dice and win big? Then you’re going to want to try Yahtzee, our brand new slots game from WMS Interactive, now live at BorgataCasino.com.

If you’re familiar with the classic family cup and dice game, then you’re going to love Yahtzee. If you’ve never played the board game before but you’re all about other casino dice games, Yahtzee is destined to become your new favorite.

The 25-payline slots game with 5 reels comes packed with rewarding bonus rounds, like the Party Bonus and the Back-to-Back Yahtzee Jackpot, so there’s always something fun waiting for you with each toss of the dice.

Yahtzee joins our suite of slots games based on classic game night favorites, including Super Monopoly Money and Battleship. All it takes to play is a free account. Don’t have one? Create yours now and get $20, just for signing up.

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Aug 17

Borgata Online Winners for August 3 – 9

black-knightThere may be a small lesson in this week’s big online winners at BorgataCasino.com and BorgataPoker.com.

Namely, if you’re playing the Montezuma slots games at BorgataCasino.com, you should bet $6.

Hey it worked for Tracy from Middlesex and Jessica from Atlantic City who both made $6 bets on the Montezuma slots and hit jackpots totaling more than $14,000 collectively. Hey, a trend is a trend.

And let’s hear it for Jessica, who showed just how convenient Borgata online play really is. She’s our neighbor here in Atlantic City and still likes to play online.

As for BorgataPoker.com, our schedule of daily tournaments continues to pay off big for grinders.

So the biggest trend of the week—and every week—is winning.

Here’s a look at the big online winners for the week of August 3 – August 9:

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Aug 10

Borgata Online Winners for July 27 – August 2

CashThe game show Jeopardy is one of those iconic pieces of American television which we all associate with really smart people and some pretty big money if a contestant goes on a winning streak.

And it’s also the show where if you don’t phrase your answer in the form of a question, well, you lose.

Jeopardy! The online slot games is one of those great games based on iconic themes found at BorgataCasino.com that we associate with jackpots. Just jackpots. No phrasing, no having to know who invented the xylophone. Just jackpots.

Linda from Allendale can attest to that, as she hit the big jackpot of the week of July 27 – August 2 on the Jeopardy slots, turning $12 into $4,113.

Over at BorgataPoker.com, our daily and special tournaments—which are played with our partners at Party Poker—continue to make the biggest payoffs. And this week BorgataPoker.com players owned the $50K Guaranteed Sunday tournament.

Sooo, the answer is: the best online casino site in New Jersey. What is BorgataCasino.com and BorgataPoker.com?

Here’s the big online winners for July 27 – August 2:

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Aug 4

Super Monopoly Money is now live at BorgataCasino.com

Super Monopoly Money Slot MachineAt BorgataCasino.com, it’s our goal to bring you the games you love and exciting new ones. So we’re really excited about our brand new slots game that feels incredibly familiar.

Super Monopoly Money is now live at BorgataCasino.com and it offers you a whole new way to experience the classic board game everyone loves. This version is a WMS studio title slot game offered by Scientific Games Interactive. All your favorite Monopoly game pieces are here, and you’ll find some new ones like taxis and money jars. You can win up to 450x your bet, plus take advantage of a Wild Bonus, Click The Wheel Bonus, and a Free Parking Bonus.

The quest for building your bank account begins right here at BorgataCasino.com, so take a chance, play Super Monopoly Money now, and experience the fun.

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Aug 3

Borgata Online Winners for July 20 – July 26

Siberian Storm Borgata CasinoBorgata Hotel Casino & Spa is always looking for a certain synergy between BorgataPoker.com and the live-action Borgata Poker Room, especially when a major event like the recently completed Borgata Summer Poker Open is underway.

So among our big online winners for July 20 to July 26, we feel compelled to mention that player KZ1200 won a $2,500 entry into the Borgata Summer Poker Open Championship by taking first in BorgataPoker.com’s BSO Championship Step 3 Qualifier.

Of course, he or she probably didn’t go by KZ1200—which we think is a radio station in Oregon—during the championship, but that doesn’t matter. The point is playing online at BorgataPoker.com got one lucky player the chance to sit down with some of the best poker pros in the world.

Like we said, synergy.


Here’s a look at the big online winners for July 20 – July 26:


– On July 23, Jodi from Manville, New Jersey, made a $15 bet playing the Siberian Storm slots game and won $6,618.

– On July 26, Lisa from Clifton, New Jersey, made a $3 wager on the new Jeopardy! slots game and hit a $4,765 jackpot.

– On July 26, Lisa from West Milford, New Jersey, made a $10 bet on the Matador slots game and won $5,020.

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Jul 27

Borgata Online Winners for July 13 – July 19

winner-blogBorgataPoker.com and BorgataCasino.com are always proud to say that we give out jackpots and crown tournament winners every day.

To which you may say, “Every day? C’mon?”

Hey, we’ve got the big online winners for the week of July 13 – July 19 to prove it. Just check out the winners at BorgataPoker.com. There’s a Sunday $50K tournament winner, three winners of the daily $4K tournaments and four winners of the Daily $10K tournament.

When you take into account our partners at PartyPoker, well, daily tournaments mean daily winners.

And at BorgataCasino.com jackpots are won daily, with three this week over $3,000.

Our online players win every day. Is today your day?

Here’s a look at the big online winners for July 13 – July 19.

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Jul 20

Borgata Online Winners for July 6 – July 12

battleship-203x185Sometimes, when perusing the big online winners each week at BorgataCasino.com and BorgataPoker.com, you may think the really big jackpots only come to players who take big risks.

In other words, those that make big bets.

But a lot of online players like to make smaller wagers as they try out the various games and tournaments available at BorgataCasino.com and BorgataPoker.com. And they hit jackpots too. Lots of them.

And this week, they hit some pretty big ones. Like say three jackpots of better than $3,400 on bets less than $10, including a $2 bet that netted a jackpot of just under $4,000.

Remember, it’s not always how much you bet, but making the right bet that counts.

We think Shakespeare said that. Or maybe it was Wild Bill Hickok. Anyway, somebody probably said it.

Here’s the big online winners for the week of July 6 – July 12:


– On July 6, Lendita from Edgewater, New Jersey, made an $8 bet playing the Battleship slots game and won $3,412.

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Jul 13

Borgata Online Winners for June 29 – July 5

invaders-planet-moohalA lot of things continue to fall into place for our players at BorgataCasino.com and BorgataPoker.com.

Royal Flush hits on Game King Double Poker continue to hit big at BorgataCasino.com—this time for a $16,000 jackpot.

Play from mobile devices continues to grow, this week gaining Jack from Manalapan the biggest jackpot of the week at better than $27,000.

And our BorgataPoker.com players keep taking first places in our daily and Sunday tournaments (played with our partners at PartyPoker).

Yep. What falls into place are big jackpots and tournament wins. Maybe they’ll even fall into place for you.

Here’s a look at the big online winners for June 29 – July 5.

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Jul 7

Borgata Online Winners for June 22 – 28

winner-blog3As we look at our big online winners for June 22 – June 28 at BorgataCasino.com and BorgataPoker.com, we have a nice long list of poker tournament winners. That’s thanks to BorgataPoker.com’s Daily $10K Guaranteed tournament.

But there are also video poker games available at BorgataCasino.com, and once again, the biggest jackpot of the week went to a Royal Flush at video poker—for $40K.

Yes $40K.

In fact, BorgataCasino.com’s top three jackpots came in at over $87,000.

Meanwhile, six different players had better than $2,000 cashes at the daily $10K tournament.

Let’s face it, playing poker at both BorgataCasino.com and BorgataPoker.com can pay off. This week, it could be you getting paid.

Here’s a look at the big online winners for June 22 – June 28:

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