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Oct 12

Borgata Online Winners for September 28 – October 4

Slot MachineBorgataPoker.com’s guaranteed $50K Sunday tournament had a pretty good turnout last week as LuckySpewy took an $11,113 top prize for the tournament.

Regular readers of Borgata’s online winner’s posts know that usually, the top prize in the Sunday $50K is $10,000, but an especially strong field turned out this week. Remember, the guarantees are for a minimum, not the maximum and the field can take the payouts as high as they want to go.

What can we say? We like to guarantee winners at BorgataPoker.com.


Here’s a look at the big online winners for September 28 – October 4:


– On September 29, Afrodita from Edgewater, New Jersey, made a $7.20 wager on the Montezuma slot game and won $5,655.60.

– On September 30, Anne from Bloomfield, New Jersey, made a $10 bet on one of our new NetEnt slots, Jack and the Beanstalk and won a $4,511.50.

– On October 3, Glenn from Marlton, New Jersey, made a $4 bet on the Zeus III slot game and won $3,893.40.

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Oct 5

Borgata Online Winners for September 21 – 27

Raging Rhino Game ScreenshotWhen we bring you our big online winners for the week, we have a tendency to look at our slots jackpots first.

After all, the slots jackpots at BorgataCasino.com can add up quickly, as Carlo from Kearny, New Jersey, found out by hitting an $8,096 jackpot on the Raging Rhino Slots Game last week.

But most weeks, it’s our tournaments at BorgataPoker.com that really impress as one winner brings down a $10K tournament win every Sunday in our $50K Guaranteed tournament (also run with PartyPoker). This week it was moefarah99. Poker players and their screen names, so cute.

Even at BorgataCasino.com, poker pays off as it did for Victor from Woodland Park, New Jersey, who won $4K playing Game King Double Double bonus video poker.

Yes, we love our slots, but poker rules at BorgataPoker.com.

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Sep 28

Borgata Online Winners for September 14 – 20

Elvis The King Lives Slot MachineWe have a lot of fun with the various themes our online slots have at BorgataCasino.com, but when we see a big hit on a slot like Elvis the King Lives, we actually get a little reverent.

Because he does. Elvis lives – if only as a $3,300 jackpot for Robert from Elwood. Thank you very much.

Of course, it’s a little disconcerting that a bigger jackpot went to James form Somers Point playing the Goldfish slot game. Not that we begrudge James his about $4K, jackpot, perish the thought.

But it’s not like a goldfish ever had a No. 1 song, or danced with Ann Margret, or made us cry with “In the Ghetto,” … you know, ‘cause Elvis the King Lives.

But hey, if a goldfish is good for $4K, then that just proves BorgataCasino.com has the best slots anywhere.

Where will you be playing this week?

Here’s a look at the top online winners for September 14 – 20:

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Sep 21

Borgata Online Winners for September 7 – 13

Loot'EnKhamun Slot MachineWhen Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa first launched its online brands BorgataCasino.com and BorgataPoker.com, we expected there would be a lot synergy between online play and live play at Borgata.

You can usually see that in our promotions tabs with Play and Stay promotions and others, but where it really comes home is in online satellite play at BorgataPoker.com. The Borgata Poker Open got underway here in Atlantic City September 8 and BorgataPoker.com has been offering up ways to get into the big events—like the $3 Million Guaranteed WPT Borgata Open Championship—since August 24.

And that paid off for JOEYdaMUSH and Flawlessbinkage, who each won $3,500 seats into the televised $3 Million Guaranteed WPT Borgata Poker Open Championship event through our online satellites.

So that’s a $3,500 win online that could lead to a huge payout at the championship, along with the chance to play alongside some of the best pros in the country.

Now that’s synergy.


Here’s a look at the big online winners for September 7 – September 13:


– On September 7, Alan from Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, made an $5 wager on the Loot’Enkhamun slot game and won $5,115.50.

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Sep 15

Borgata Online Winners for August 31 – September 6

Yahtzee Slot MachineWe hate to say it, but sometimes the names of our online slots games don’t always live up to their promise at BorgataCasino.com.

Hear us out.

Michale form Newark was playing Double Diamond slots when he made a $10 bet. So he was probably hoping he’d double his money, ala the name Double Diamonds.

Nope. He multiplied his money 1,000 times and hit a $10,000 jackpot. Kevin from Colonia edged him out by winning $10,006 on Super Luck Spin mobile slots, which did live up to its name.

Sorry Michale, you’ll just have to live with your $10K.

Here’s a look at Borgata’s big online winners for August 31 – September 6:


– On September 1, Kevin from Colonia, New Jersey, made an $18 wager on the Super Lucky Spin mobile slot game and won $10,006.

– On September 2, Robert from Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, made an $0.80 bet on the Yahtzee slot game and won a $3,500 jackpot.

– On September 5, Michale from Newark, New Jersey, made a $10 bet on the Double Diamond slot game and hit a $10,000 jackpot.

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Sep 8

Borgata Online Winners for August 24 -30

High Hand ChallengeLooking over the top online winners at BorgataCasino.com and BorgataPoker.com, we came close to hitting a headline writer’s dream.

We all know how creative online poker players at BorgataPoker.com are in choosing their screen names. So when we saw that Turkeyleg was the winner of $10,000 in the Sunday $50K tournament, we started thinking of the possibilities.

Turkeyleg outruns the field at BorgataPoker.com’s $50K.

Turkeyleg kicks it for a $10K win.

Turkeyleg walks away with the top prize.

But alas, the big jackpot of the week went to Patrick of Plainsboro who turned a $3 bet on the Candy Store slots at BorgataCasino.com into $25,768.50.

So we’ll have to go with Patrick is like a kid in the candy store—a kid with $25K.

It’s just not the same. But hey, congrats all around. What headlines will they make this week at BorgataCasino.com and BorgataPoker.com?

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Sep 1

Borgata Online Winners for August 17 – 23

Super Monopoly Money Slot MachineYou know what’s the coolest thing about online slot machines? The bonus spins.

You’re just chugging along making your bets and suddenly something lines up just right, and the game takes on a life of its own. Graphics start appearing, characters in the game start talking to you and suddenly the game just starts spinning turns—and hitting payoffs—you didn’t have to bet on.

And it’s all just a bonus, money won without risking a bet.

Just ask Calvin from Piscataway, who hit the biggest slot jackpot of the week at BorgataCasino.com during the bonus round of Super Monopoly. A few bonus symbols line up, the game goes on a little side trip and the next thing you know Calvin has $8,180 in the bank.

Without betting, because, you know, Bonus.

What bonuses are waiting for you at BorgataCasino.com and BorgataPoker.com?

Here’s a look at the big online winners for August 17 – 23:

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Aug 24

Borgata Online Winners for August 10 – 16

Yahtzee Slot MachineThere are a lot of great things we get to yell when we win or score in a game. You know, stuff like “Bingo,” “Gooooaaaal,” “We’re No. 1” etc. But one of the coolest has to be when you get to yell “Yahtzee.”

Anyone who has ever played the classic dice game knows the feeling when all the dice line up just right. Well guess what? You can get your chance to yell Yahtzee playing online at BorgataCasino.com, as Anthony from Somers Point found out playing our newest slots game “Yahtzee.” His $2 bet won him $3,500, which is a little more than we ever won playing Yahtzee in the living room.

Hey we like to keep you yelling—and winning—here at BorgaataCasino.com and BorgataPoker.com.

Of course as much as we love yelling Yahtzee, the real story this week may be the $100,000 jackpot won by Donna from Franklin Lakes on our Double Diamond Slot game. We don’t know what she yelled when she hit the $100K, but she’s probably still yelling.

Here’s a look at the big online winners for August 10 – August 16:

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Aug 17

Borgata Online Winners for August 3 – 9

black-knightThere may be a small lesson in this week’s big online winners at BorgataCasino.com and BorgataPoker.com.

Namely, if you’re playing the Montezuma slots games at BorgataCasino.com, you should bet $6.

Hey it worked for Tracy from Middlesex and Jessica from Atlantic City who both made $6 bets on the Montezuma slots and hit jackpots totaling more than $14,000 collectively. Hey, a trend is a trend.

And let’s hear it for Jessica, who showed just how convenient Borgata online play really is. She’s our neighbor here in Atlantic City and still likes to play online.

As for BorgataPoker.com, our schedule of daily tournaments continues to pay off big for grinders.

So the biggest trend of the week—and every week—is winning.

Here’s a look at the big online winners for the week of August 3 – August 9:

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Aug 10

Borgata Online Winners for July 27 – August 2

CashThe game show Jeopardy is one of those iconic pieces of American television which we all associate with really smart people and some pretty big money if a contestant goes on a winning streak.

And it’s also the show where if you don’t phrase your answer in the form of a question, well, you lose.

Jeopardy! The online slot games is one of those great games based on iconic themes found at BorgataCasino.com that we associate with jackpots. Just jackpots. No phrasing, no having to know who invented the xylophone. Just jackpots.

Linda from Allendale can attest to that, as she hit the big jackpot of the week of July 27 – August 2 on the Jeopardy slots, turning $12 into $4,113.

Over at BorgataPoker.com, our daily and special tournaments—which are played with our partners at Party Poker—continue to make the biggest payoffs. And this week BorgataPoker.com players owned the $50K Guaranteed Sunday tournament.

Sooo, the answer is: the best online casino site in New Jersey. What is BorgataCasino.com and BorgataPoker.com?

Here’s the big online winners for July 27 – August 2:

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